NORVENTO since 1981

we integrate all the activities related to the production of renewable energy: development, engineering, technology, construction and exploitation

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Norvento Enerxía is a group of companies devoted to the promotion, construction and operation of power plants that use renewable energy sources. Norvento is owned by the Fernández Castro family and has been active in the energy sector since 1981, originating from an engineering and electrical services consultancy, specifically in the areas of renewable energy generation and distribution.

Norvento’s team is made up of highly technical professionals allocated to the key areas  of our activity: Energy, Engineering and Technology.

Energy: this area vertically integrates all the operations necessary to promote, develop and operate renewable energy installations: wind farms, hydro, solar and biomass plants.

Engineering: this area comprises all the engineering services necessary to design and implement any renewable energy installation together with O&M and environmental services. Furthermore, over 150 installations are being controlled 24/7/365 from the Norvento Control Centre, in continual contact with Red Eléctrica de España (the National Power Grid operator in Spain).

Technology: the area where our nED wind turbines are conceived. It includes all the R&D projects and technologies developed by Norvento such as medium-scale wind turbines and ocean renewable energy devices.

Thanks to more than 30 years’ history, Norvento has proven experience promoting, designing, constructing and the operation and maintenance of energy engineering and renewable energy projects

Currently, we own and operate: hydro, wind, biomass and solar energy installations. These projects have been designed and implemented to the highest technical standards and epitomize the performance of their respective technologies.

In 2012, Norvento’s generation capacity totalled 366,711 MWh and avoided the emission of 220,027 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Norvento has a constant and total commitment to renewable energies, allocating significant resources to the development of R&D projects. Similarly, Norvento has started to develop other technologies related to ocean and geothermal energy and in 2011 the first prototype of our medium-scale wind turbine, nED100, was installed in Vilalba, Lugo, Spain. Nowadays, nED100 wind turbines are commercially available not only in Spain but throughout international markets.

Recently, the Group has embarked upon an ambitious strategic international expansion plan and is present in countries such as: the USA, Brazil, Chile, Poland, Italy and the UK.  The Group’s main focus is the promotion and construction of wind farms, hydro and solar plants, and  the  deployment and marketing of medium-scale wind turbines.


Raising the Medium Wind Standard

nED Applications



Farms usually enjoy an abundance of available land. Often they are exposed and isolated, so there are fewer obstacles to hinder the harnessing of the wind. Furthermore, in today’s global economy, the lowering of production costs is one of a farmer’s main concerns. A wind turbine uses a small area of land to generate a lot of power while allowing farmers to continue using their land for its original purpose. These circumstances make nED100 an excellent solution to reduce a farm’s energy bills, lower production costs and generate an additional income.



Many hotel and leisure complexes, shopping malls and other services are in locations with a remarkable wind resource, such as coastal areas or away from urban environments. As such, they have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the benefits of wind energy and reduce their energy bills, while proving to customers their commitment to a more sustainable but technologically advanced world. nED100 offers the perfect solution for wind turbine integration into these environments and nED100’s beautiful aesthetics make it an outstanding feature.



Industries face fierce competition in modern global markets. In many cases energy costs represent a sizeable share of an industry’s production costs. Wind energy can help industries to reduce these costs, allowing them to become, and to market themselves as, more sustainable, green businesses. nED100 is perfect for this purpose. It offers businesses the opportunity to utilize wind energy even in areas with moderate or low wind resource. This, together with its minimal maintenance costs, makes nED100 the best green energy solution for many industrial facilities.



Governments and other institutions have a responsibility to lead by example in furthering sustainability and encouraging the integration of renewable energies. nED100 offers these institutions the opportunity to show this example while reducing their energy costs, thereby releasing public resources for other purposes.



Domestic consumers suffer the highest energy prices. Residential communities as well as individual consumers can substantially reduce their energy bills with wind power. nED100 is the perfect tool for these situations; its extremely quiet operation, beautiful aesthetics and simple maintenance regime make it the perfect choice for residential communities and domestic users with the most demanding of requirements.

Hybrid System
Hybrid System

Hybrid System

Energy supply and cost are major concerns for islands and remote, isolated areas where fossil fuels have been the most common energy source up to now. nED100, as part of a hybrid system, can reduce their dependence on expensive fuels while maintaining the security of their supply. nED100’s minimal maintenance requirements become a key consideration in such remote areas.


Norvento has been active in the renewable energy sector since 1981 and incorporates all  activities related to the production of renewable energy: promotion, engineering, construction and operation and maintenance.

Nowadays, Norvento owns and operates installations of four kinds of renewable energies: hydro, wind, biomass and solar. Furthermore, it allocates significant resources to the research and development of other technologies such as ocean and geothermal energies.

Initially, Norvento’s activity was centred in the region of Galicia, Spain. In 2006, our geographical expansion began first to other regions of Spain and later, in 2007, to international markets. This expansion plan has been made possible thanks to 30 years’ experience in the design, promotion, construction and operation of renewable energy plants in Spain. Our aim is to become a key player in the global energy market.

The Group is present around the world in : the USA, Brazil, Chile, Poland, Italy and the UK. The main activities we develop are promotion and construction of wind farms and hydro and solar plants, together with the promotion and marketing of medium-scale wind turbines.



In today’s global, fiercely competitive and uncertain economic environment, the day-to-day management of energy in any company is a critical factor. In this critical area, the support and advice of a meticulous, independent and reliable expert is fundamental. With more than 30 years’ experience in technology development, renewable energy, engineering and energy efficiency Norvento puts its vast know-how and knowledge base at the disposal of our clients to offer them tailor-made solutions to optimize the energy performance of their business.

Norvento’s broad experience in the fields of renewable energies and energy efficiency enables us to offer a unique and global view. We cover all the stages of a comprehensive energy solution: from  conception and design to  operation and maintenance, always finding the most suitable solution for every energy requirement.

We use our great knowledge of energy engineering to provide specialized energy services which incorporate wind power, biomass, biogas, photovoltaic and geothermal energy.


For more than 30 years Norvento has been marketing its experience in the development of renewable energies. Norvento Ingeniería offers engineering, environmental and construction services.

Norvento’s journey started in 1981 as a company specialized in executing engineering projects on distribution power grids. Recently, we expanded our services to Civil Engineering, Environmental and Planning projects. Nowadays, we have  consolidated our position in the market.

Furthermore, we have broad experience in engineering, site management, due diligence and the processing of subsidies for renewable energy installations, not only for big installations but also of distributed generation installations of several technologies: wind, PV, biogas, mini-hydro or biomass.

In addition, we carry out energy audits to try to save money in the energy consumption of an installation and to analyse the feasibility of adding renewable energies to reduce  energy bills.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, which strives for  excellence and differentiation, we can work on bespoke projects for our clients, always utilizing our experience and creativity. Our job is backed up by more than three decades of experience working with the main power generating companies and power supply and distribution firms in Spain.

Our commitment to the community and the environment makes us constantly look for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Norvento Ingeniería is certified in Quality Management System according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and in Environmental Management System according to UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004.


Norvento Operación y Mantenimiento is specialized in the comprehensive maintenance of our own renewable energy installations but also provides these services to external clients:

  • Corrective, preventative operation and maintenance services; compliancy inspections of high-voltage electric grids, substations and transformer stations.
  • Comprehensive O&M services for wind farms, hydro, biomass and solar plants.
  • Assembly and maintenance of meteorological masts.
  • Project management, permit and planning application procedures, site management, health and safety coordination of renewable energy installations.
  • O&M services for wind turbines.
  • Assembly and installation of remote video surveillance and data transmission systems.
  • Mechanical and Electrical assembly and commissioning of wind turbines.
  • Inspection and repair of blades.
  • Thermographic inspections of electrical installations.
  • Preventative maintenance using vibration analysis and videoscopes.
  • 24h surveillance and assistance services.
  • Environmental management.
  • Occupational Risk prevention.

Norvento Operación y Mantenimiento is registered as an official installer for low and high voltage installations and electrical repairs. It is also certified as an official installer of personal security lines, an installation and maintenance company for thermal installations in buildings and  is authorized to check  step and contact voltage.

Furthermore, Norvento Operación y Mantenimiento is certified  to the following standards:

  • Quality Management System: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000
  • Environmental Management System: UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004
  • Safety and Health Management: OHSAS 18001:2007

Our staff is made up of highly qualified individuals with broad experience in the sector. Our professionalism is proven by the high level of availability of our installations, where we always strive for the best efficiency. Our employees are industrial engineers specialized in electronics, automation, mechanics and electrical engineering; civil engineers, technicians specialized in risk prevention, environmental technicians and technicians specialized in electricity, mechanics, welding and electronics.

Furthermore, our staff have been specifically trained to carry out O&M services, such as: Industrial PLC programming, hydro plant and wind farm maintenance, installation and O&M of MXS circuit breakers, generator maintenance, testing and fine tuning of protections of industrial electrical systems, re-painting of wind turbines and specific Health and Safety training, amongst others.

Moreover, Norvento Operación y Mantenimiento has all the  resources necessary to carry out O&M tasks, such as: off-road vehicles and properly equipped vans hydraulic and dynamometric spanners, compressors, woodcutters, isolation measurement tools, portable generators, thermographic cameras, infra-red guns, vibration measuring instruments, digital cameras, high resolution telescopes (Swarovski) with digital cameras, portable computers with GPRS/3G connection and videoscopes.

Norvento expands operations at Bristol and London bases.


Norvento has announced three new appointments to its commercial and operations team and the completion of their purpose-fitted facility in Bristol, as Norvento’s portfolio of approved sites and pipeline of new installations grows for its pioneering 100 kW turbine, nED100. By enlarging its UK workforce, the firm has also contributed to local employment opportunities in […]


Video interview to Ivo Arnús in All Energy 2014 Exhibition.


Ivo Arnús, Norvento’s UK Business Development Director, is interviewed by Green Tech Europe, a platform for emerging technologies and products within the environment and energy sectors. The interview took place during the last edition of All Energy Exhibition last May in Aberdeen, Scotland. In the video, Ivo highlights the state-of-the-art technology of Norvento’s nED100 wind […]


Norvento Wind Energy UK took part in the Exhibition All Energy 2014.


Norvento Wind Energy UK took part in the annual Exhibition All Energy 2014, the UK’s largest renewable energy event that took place in the Scottish city of Aberdeen on 21-22 May 2014. On this occasion, the visitors had the chance to get to know our 100 kW medium-scale wind turbine, developed and manufactured by Norvento, […]