Produce your own energy

If you have significant energy consumption and a suitable location, nED can help you reduce your energy bill. Factories, seaports, shopping centres, tourist and leisure centres, farms, irrigation systems, institutional building or residential areas are just an example of suitable locations where nED can contribute to on-site energy generation and to maximise cost savings. nED is a step towards your energy independence.

A quiet neighbour

The advanced aerodynamics of nED blades, together with the variable speed and pitch control and the direct drive technology, make of nED an exceptional quiet turbine. Moreover, nED can operate in a low noise mode, a unique feature that reduces acoustic emissions, which is specially targeted for sensitive areas.
In addition, the superb aesthetics of nED significantly reduces its visual impact compared with other turbines of similar size.

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I1218-08-06-02-ED 0033_mod2
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I1218-08-06-02-FA 0014
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I1218-08-06-02-ED 0042

Thirty years ago we started on an upward professional path which culminates today in the creation of nED wind turbines. In the last three decades there have been major changes on the planet and energy scenarios have shown to be obsolete. They had to be adapted to create a more sustainable future and a more sensible use of the energy. Norvento has gone from being an engineering service company to a group of companies which operate exclusively in three areas of the renewable energy sector: energy, engineering and technology.


As a result, during recent years we have started a path which turns us into technologists. It begins with the design and manufacture of a wind turbine. True to our history, we have developed the best wind technology applied to medium size wind turbines. It has been designed to solve the energy supply, enabling a diversification and a renewable exploitation inconceivable until now. nED is a product of Norvento’s Technological Atmosphere, with all the quality standards, durability and reliability characteristic of Norvento, backed up by three decades of professional trajectory.

Why Choose nED

Wind energy is no longer the sole preserve of the big power companies. Now you too can harness the wind and reduce your energy bill while protecting the environment.

Some of the features that make nED100 your ideal choice are:

Improved Safety: because safety is paramount, nED100 is equipped with an advanced control system which monitors all operating variables in real time and manages all the turbine’s systems in order to guarantee safety and optimize energy production. This includes continuous analysis of vibration levels; unique in medium-scale wind turbines.

Environmentally aware: nED100 not only delivers green energy but is also made with green energy. The nED100 factory is run on renewable energy generated in our own facilities. Furthermore nED100 is oil free, negating the risk of spillages.

High Performance: the combination of advanced aerodynamics, variable speed and variable pitch controls and the direct drive concept results in an improved power curve with the optimum availability, not only on paper but in real wind conditions.

Low maintenance: we know you have a lot to think about, so we do not want you to worry about your nED100. One single inspection a year is enough to ensure the machine is always operational. So you can focus on what really matters.

Maximum safety: your safety is our top priority. We have developed nED100 with a state-of-the art safety concept, certified by DNV GL to conform to the very latest large-scale wind turbine regulations.

Low noise: we know you will have to live near your nED100 and we care. Leading edge aerodynamics, the direct drive concept and its low rotational speed make nED100 the new low noise standard in medium-scale wind turbines.

Durability: nED100 is built to last. Every component, every material and every process has been painstakingly selected, designed and tested in line with the same rigorous quality controls as those for large-scale wind turbines.

Always on line: would you like to see how well your turbine is working? You can track your nED100’s performance anytime and anywhere thanks to its web-based control and data acquisition monitoring system.

Beauty: nED100 is designed with close attention to the most exacting aesthetic criteria. The bullet-shaped nacelle, the automated cowling and the slender, delicately turned blades mounted on a smooth, ladder-free mast, all combine to make nED100 the perfect example of beautiful industrial design.

Connection features: don’t worry if your grid is weak. nED100 is equipped with the latest technology to guarantee minimum harmonic content, provide Low-Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) and to manage reactive power even in stand-by mode. nED100 has the capability to improve any electrical network it is connected to.

nED products

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I1218-08-06-02-ED 0015_mod
I1218-08-06-02-ED 0030
I1218-08-06-02-ED 0030
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I1218-08-06-02-FA 0115_mod
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I1218-08-06-02-FA 0081_mod

Thirty years ago our journey began, resulting today in the creation of nED wind turbines. In the last three decades there have been major changes to our planet and existing energy scenarios have been shown to be outdated. They need to be adapted to create a more sustainable future and a more sensible attitude to energy. In this time, Norvento has grown from being an engineering services company to a group of companies which operate exclusively in three key areas of the renewable energy sector: Energy, Engineering and Technology.

As a result, during recent years our course has turned us into technologists. It begins with the design and manufacture of a wind turbine. True to our history, we have taken the latest large-scale wind technology and applied it to a medium-scale wind turbine. This turbine has been designed to fulfil all the potential requirements of energy supply at this scale, utilizing renewable energy technology in a way that was inconceivable until now. nED100 is a product of Norvento’s Technological Atmosphere, with all the quality standards, durability and reliability characteristic of Norvento, backed up by three decades of upward technological and professional trajectory.


nED100 is a state-of-the-art 100kW wind turbine, incorporating the huge technical advances that have occurred in wind power technology in recent years. nED100 components have been carefully selected, demanding the same materials, processes and quality controls as those applied to large-scale wind turbines, where technology has matured greatly during the last twenty years. Therefore nED100 is designed and manufactured to last. nED100 generates clean, free energy today and will continue to do so for many years after its system costs have been recovered.

nED100 has been designed with four main aims: maximum safety, minimum noise, maximum availability and optimum performance. All nED100’s highly advanced features are pursuant to these goals; such as: the direct drive/oil free concept, variable pitch and variable speed controls, the triple braking system and the IGBT Full Power Converter to name a few.

The rigorous certification process taking place throughout 2013 and 2014 will reaffirm the achievements of our highly skilled and highly experienced team in charge of product development and will conclude with nED100 becoming the first turbine of its size to achieve full IEC61400-1 Design Certification. Unusually, full-scale blade and load measurement tests by DNV GL-Garad Hassan have been scheduled, together with the more usual power curve and noise tests, making ours the most comprehensive certification program for a wind turbine of this size.

nED sketch

nED 360




Rated power 100 kW
Rated Wind Speed 10 m / s
Rotor diameter 22 m
Hub height 24.5 m / 29.5 m / 36 m
Concept Direct drive (no gearbox & no hydraulic systems)
Active variable pitch Control
Active variable speed control
IGBT Full Power Converter
Wind class Designed and Certified to IEC IIIA
(suitable for higher wind sites with Norvento survey)
Average Mean Wind Speed 7.5 m/s ( 27 km/h)
Max wind gust speed 52.5 m/s (190 km/h)
Characteristic Turbulence 18 % (at 15 m/s)
Design life 20 years minimun
Standards Type Certification IEC 61400-22Design certified by TÜV SÜD (2014)Type tests certified by DNV GL (2014)


Type Three blades, upwind
Blades Fibreglass + epoxy
Type Direct drive (no gearbox)
Generator Synchronous Multipole, permanent magnet
Passive cooling
Type Tubular steel tower
Sections 2(24.5m ) or 3( 29.5m/36m )
Control and electric system
Controller ABB Industrial PLC
Converter IGBT, Full Power, Back-to-BackReactive power controlBrake chopper
Monitoring Remote internet supervision (24/7/365 available)


Pitch Electro mechanical actuator, aeronautical technology
Brake 3 blades feathering + brake chopper + 2 calipers
Yaw 2 gear motor units on ring gear bearing
Back-up power Battery System


Voltage Three-phase 400V A.C.
Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Protection G59 / 2
Power factor Adjustable via Full Power Converter ( 4 quadrants )
Voltage dips Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT ) Capability

nED services

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I1218-08-06-02-ED 0004
I1218-08-06-02-ED 0005
I1218-08-06-02-ED 0005
I1218-08-06-02-ED 0036
I1218-08-06-02-ED 0036
I1218-08-06-02-ED 0010
I1218-08-06-02-ED 0010

For more than 30 years Norvento has shared its experience in the development of renewable energies, offering our customers engineering, planning, construction and O&M services.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, constantly striving for excellence and innovation, we offer bespoke projects to our clients, utilizing our know-how and creativity. Our work is backed up by our extensive experience working with the major power generation, supply and distribution companies in Spain.

Vertical integration of our operations has enabled Norvento to accumulate the greatest know-how in its three key areas: Energy, Engineering and Technology. As a result Norvento offers a wide range of services with first-hand experience throughout the development of our projects.

Thanks to 30 years’ experience developing renewable energy technologies, Norvento can closely support our clients through the whole wind energy development process, including the following:

Wind resource assessment: uncertainty in the calculation of your wind resource can cause up to 30% variation in your generated income, impacting on your project’s feasibility. Norvento’s experience can help you locate your wind turbine in the best location in order to minimize your risk.

Feasibility studies: a vital part of any wind energy development is a rigorous analysis of your costs compared to your forecast income. Norvento’s experience can support you throughout the analysis of your project’s feasibility.

Planning application: the planning process is one of the most important and most time consuming stages of any wind energy project. Having Norvento’s multidisciplinary and highly experienced team by your side is essential to guarantee the highest quality of environmental and landscape impact studies, environmental recovery plans and all other required reports.

Construction and commissioning: Norvento’s operation and maintenance (O&M) team are specialists in the electrical and mechanical construction of the turbine, its installation and commissioning, as well as the maintenance of meteorological masts and other ancillary equipment.

Operation and Maintenance: as part of Norvento’s strategy of vertically integrated operations, the company specializes in the on-going maintenance of renewable energy installations, including such aspects as: blade inspection, vibration analysis, repair of components (shaft, blades, generator, etc.), comprehensive O&M regimes and 24/7/365 real-time monitoring (nED Scada).

Norvento services our own projects as well as those from external clients in the fields of construction and engineering:

Road substructures and foundations: road location engineering, road surface repair and reinforcement, surface and deep drainage studies, signposting and safety. Norvento also designs bespoke structures and foundations for wind energy projects.

Site management: supervision of the construction stage of the project, writing of quantitative and qualitative control plans for construction works, surveillance and inspection, technical support and the preparation of technical monitoring reports.

Health and Safety: coordination throughout the project development and construction work stages, carrying out health and safety studies, writing risk assessments and method statements.

Norvento has over 10 years’ experience in wind farm operation and maintenance. Our installations rely on expert on-site staff to ensure that any incident is solved as soon as possible because “time is money”: reduced availability results in reduced energy yield. In distributed generation, the same principles apply, except for one thing: the cost of having on-site personnel is not viable.

Therefore nED products have been equipped with the most reliable systems on the market today, so nED100 is able to operate autonomously, with no external intervention, even though wind conditions or other operating variables may change. One inspection a year carried out by our O&M team is enough to ensure nED100 is always operational.

Nevertheless, should a fault occur, real-time remote monitoring allows our personnel at Norvento’s 24/7/365 Control Centre (nED Scada) to respond immediately. In 95% of cases they are able to fix and restart your turbine remotely, dramatically reducing downtime losses and the need for a site visit. If necessary, they can report the fault to your O&M provider, ensuring your turbine is back to full operational availability as soon as possible.

Norvento’s control centre was set into motion at the end of 2007. It has obtained the REE’s Authorization (Spanish Electricity Grid Operator) as a Generation Control Centre (GCC) by Royal Decree RD 661/2007.  Norvento’s GCC works 24/7/365 and it carries out a real-time monitoring of the installed nED wind turbines.

Each nED wind turbine has an information and control system that gathers the main operating parameters of the installation. These data is sent to the Control Centre so it can be used in the operation and maintenance of each installation.

This remote monitoring system benefits our nED wind turbines:

  • Reduction in on-site operation and maintenance costs, because in most cases, they are able to fix and restart your turbine remotely.
  • Reduction in downtime losses, improvement of the availability and better efficiency. The continuous monitoring of each nED improves their availability and efficiency.
  • Improvement on the grid integration.
  • Better coordination. In those cases when on-site assistance is needed, Norvento’s GCC acts as interlocutor between the owners and our nED Service team to coordinate the works and assure the wind turbine is available as soon as possible.

Furthermore, any owner can access, anytime and anywhere, our nED Scada web application where information on the performance of the nED wind turbine is shown


nED technology


nED products are developed by a very dynamic, highly technical team headed up in each key area by engineers with many years of experience in the large-scale wind power sector. This has enabled us to apply a holistic approach whereby nED100 is not conceived as the combination of a number of separate systems, but as the result of constant interaction throughout the integrated design process between aeronautical, mechanical, electrical and control engineers within the nED team. This integrated approach is what gives nED100 a mechanical efficiency in excess of 99%.

Partnering with top quality suppliers to the wind sector is also fundamental to our design. These partners have participated in the project from the outset, sharing their specialist knowledge to integrate into nED100 the latest available state-of-the-art technology.

nED technology is built from structural components designed using the latest calculation tools. The first step is to simulate over 1,000 variable operating conditions, using the same aeroelasticity studies as are used in aeronautics and the design of large-scale wind turbines. The subsequent load cases undergo a complex calculation process, obtaining the stress tolerances to be used in the structural analysis of each component, determining its ultimate strength and design life. The process uses modern calculation tools under the Finite Element Method (FEM).

Direct Drive

Reduced availability results in reduced energy yield and this is critical in distributed generation applications, where the cost of on-site personnel is not usually financially viable. That is why reliability is a key factor in the design of nED100 wind turbines.

The experience of large-scale wind farms shows us that the gearbox is a major source of breakdowns in the system. Therefore the absence of a gearbox in nED100 increases reliability and at the same time the power output. It prevents mechanical losses in the gearbox and reduces maintenance requirements because there is no need for lubricating oil and the associated lubrication and cooling circuits.

The direct drive concept means nED100 has fewer parts prone to vibration or failure and therefore reduced noise emissions and increased life expectancy.

So the direct drive is simpler and therefore more reliable, quieter and more efficient.

Pitch Control

nED100′s variable pitch control minimises loads and optimises energy output. It is controlled by a unique electromechanical actuator from the aeronautical industry.

The exceptional performance of nED100′s blades positions this machine amongst the most efficient turbines on the market. nED100′s aerodynamic performance has been developed in tandem with its control algorithms during an integrated design and extensive optimization process. nED100′s blades are set to the optimal angle even in turbulent winds.

The component materials have been carefully selected, creating the ultimate combination of fibre and resin to produce a light yet robust blade with minimum deflection and vibration.

The blade’s design and manufacturing processes have been developed together as a whole, because the perfect integration of both facets is fundamental to the resulting quality of the final component.

nED100 is equipped with a synchronous, multi-pole permanent magnet generator with direct drive, developed specifically for this machine by one of the generator sector’s leading manufacturers.

Permanent magnet generators offer the latest technology currently available for power generation applications and stand out from other technologies due to their reduced noise emissions, increased efficiency and improved performance.

Auto-cooled by the wind it operates in, the permanent magnet generator in nED100 avoids cooling circuits and other ancillary components predisposed to mechanical failure that might reduce performance and availability.

Variable Speed

The variable speed and variable pitch controls combine to guarantee nED100 operates at the optimum energy conversion rate while minimizing the load exerted by the wind. This enables nED100 to maximize power output at any wind speed.

The main shaft rotates at low speed so nED100 has very low levels of vibration, contributing to increased reliability and longer life expectancy. It also allows for extremely quiet operation at lower wind speeds, where noise emission is more critical due to reduced background noise levels. With its variable speed control nED100 is able to achieve its optimal performance at any wind speed. Combined with the variable pitch control system, nED100′s power output curve is the most efficient on the market.

Full Converter
Increasingly, distributed energy projects encounter weak grid infrastructure and restrictive connection criteria. The combination of the permanent magnet generator, variable pitch and variable speed controls and an IGBT Full Power Converter mean nED100 has uniquely exceptional grid-connection capabilities and adapts easily to any stipulation from your Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

This is why nED100 has been equipped with the best electrical connection features. The IGBT Full Power Converter manages 100% of the generated power while ensuring the minimum harmonic content. It provides Low-Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) capability and allows reactive power control, even with the turbine in stand-by mode.

Therefore, nED100 contributes to the strength of the grid. Furthermore, it is the ideal wind turbine for very weak grids, hybrid systems and for integration into smart grids.

Open Shut
nED100 is equipped with an innovative and unique automated cowling, that automatically folds out to allow easy access to all its internal components. Technicians can therefore easily perform maintenance tasks in conditions of maximum safety, which will impact upon the quality of the work carried out and reduce downtime losses.

Our engineers have designed nED100 with close attention to the most exacting aesthetic criteria. They have created a beautiful and elegant wind turbine which can form the perfect backdrop to its location without detracting from the functionality, reliability and environmental awareness that characterizes nED products.

The bullet-shaped nacelle, the gull-wing automated cowling and the slender, delicately turned blades mounted on a smooth, ladder-free mast, all combine to make nED100 the perfect example of beautiful industrial design.

nED Applications

If you have significant energy consumption and a suitable location, nED100 can help reduce your energy bill. Factories, seaports, shopping centres, tourist and leisure centres, farms, irrigation systems, government and other institutional buildings, and residential areas are just some examples of suitable locations where nED100 can contribute to your on-site energy generation and maximize your cost savings.

Furthermore, the advanced aerodynamics of nED100’s blades, along with the variable pitch and speed control systems and the direct drive technology, make nED100 an exceptionally quiet turbine. Besides, nED100 can operate in a low noise mode, a unique feature that reduces acoustic emissions, specifically aimed at noise sensitive areas.

As well as this, the superb aesthetics of nED100 significantly reduce its visual impact compared with other turbines of a similar size.

nED100 is a big step towards your energy independence.



Farms usually enjoy an abundance of available land. Often they are exposed and isolated, so there are fewer obstacles to hinder the harnessing of the wind. Furthermore, in today’s global economy, the lowering of production costs is one of a farmer’s main concerns. A wind turbine uses a small area of land to generate a lot of power while allowing farmers to continue using their land for its original purpose. These circumstances make nED100 an excellent solution to reduce farm’s energy bills, lower production costs and generate an additional income.



Many hotel and leisure complexes, shopping malls and other services are in locations with a remarkable wind resource, such as coastal areas or away from urban environments. As such, they have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the benefits of wind energy and reduce their energy bills, while proving to customers their commitment to a more sustainable but technologically advanced world. ED100 offers the perfect solution for wind turbine integration into these environments and nED100’s beautiful aesthetics make it an outstanding feature.



Industries face fierce competition in modern global markets. In many cases energy costs represent a sizeable share of an industry’s production costs. Wind energy can help industries to reduce these costs, allowing them to become, and to market themselves as, more sustainable, green businesses. nED100 is perfect for this purpose. It offers businesses the opportunity to utilize wind energy even in areas with moderate or low wind resource. This, together with its minimal maintenance costs, makes nED100 the best green energy solution for many industrial facilities.



Governments and other institutions have a responsibility to lead by example in furthering sustainability and encouraging the integration of renewable energies. nED100 offers these institutions the opportunity to show this example while reducing their energy costs, thereby releasing public resources for other purposes.



Domestic consumers suffer the highest energy prices. Residential communities as well as individual consumers can substantially reduce their energy bills with wind power. nED100 is the perfect tool for these situations; its extremely quiet operation, beautiful aesthetics and simple maintenance regime make it the perfect choice for residential communities and domestic users with the most demanding of requirements.

Hybrid System
Hybrid System

Hybrid System

Energy supply and cost are major concerns for islands and remote, isolated areas where fossil fuels have been the most common energy source up to now. nED100, as part of a hybrid system, can reduce their dependence on expensive fuels while maintaining the security of their supply. nED100’s minimal maintenance requirements become a key consideration in such remote areas.


In July 2012, the nED Factory, located at Vilalba in the province of Lugo, Northern Spain was officially inaugurated.

The nED Factory is a wind turbine and blade manufacturing facility which is part of the first stage of the nED project’s industrial development. Consisting of the design, manufacture and marketing of medium-scale wind turbines, its initial creation is nED100. It is a technological and industrial project, with a strong emphasis on R&D and a clear international target market.

The nED Factory building has been meticulously designed by specialist architects with extensive experience in building design and energy efficiency. They have achieved the optimum functionality for a factory with a manufacturing capacity of over 100 turbines per year.

The nED Factory has been constructed to achieve the optimum energy efficiency. All the energy consumed in the nED Factory comes from Norvento’s own renewable energy sources (wind, solar, biomass and geothermal) making nED100 100% renewable!

The design and manufacturing team consists of experts with extensive experience of large-scale wind turbine manufacturing. They have implemented the most stringent quality and traceability standards certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001.


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