Norvento’s blog has just turned three years old. During these years we tried to give visibility to the energy of the future and to new and innovative technologies that will help in the energy transition. We have been very lucky to count on top-level collaborators from important institutions, companies, universities, etc. who have passed on their knowledge through the articles we published.

Each year we have focused in a different aspect related to the future of energy. We started the blog in 2017, when we devoted the articles to talk about the characteristics of the energy of the future, among other subjects, we talked about the ubiquity of energy, circularity, and about clean and integrated energy. In 2018, we dealt with disruptive energy technologies and the potential to change the world of innovations such as graphene, blockchain, microgrids or carbon capture. Last year, our articles were centred in future and present projects relevant to the energy transition, projects such as floating wind farms, nuclear fusion, superconductivity or airborne wind turbines.

This fourth year, we want to focus on 12 challenges to transit to a sustainable energy system. We will not only talk about technological challenges, but also social, economic and regulatory ones. So, each month we will interview an expert on the subject who will answer our questions and help us to understand a little bit more the challenges we face to carry out a sustainable energy transition.

We hope you find the articles interesting!

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