2021 is coming and our blog turns 4 years old. During these years we have tried to give visibility to the energy of the future and to innovative technologies that will help the energy transition. Task that would have not been possible without the contribution of collaborators from relevant institutions, companies, universities, or technological centres.

This four years we have dealt with subjects such as the characteristics of the energy of the future, disruptive energy technologies, future and present projects relevant for the energy transition or interviews to specialists that helped us to understand the different climate challenges we are facing. This year we would like to talk about 12 discoveries made by past and present disruptors that still influence the present and future of energy.

Among other subjects, we will talk about the importance of hydrogen for the energy transition, element discovered by Henry Cavendish in 1765, about how Energy Management Systems would not be possible if Ada Lovelace had not created the first programming language or about how we would not be talking about wireless EVs chargers if Nikola Tesla had not discovered the wireless energy transmission.

We hope you will find the posts interesting. Thank you for reading us!