24/7 Control Centre

In 2007, Norvento launched its own Generation Control Centre, the Norvento CCG, which since 2008 has been accredited by Spain’s national electricity grid: Red Eléctrica de España (REE) in accordance with Royal Decree 661/2007.

With our 24/7 Control Centre, we also offer monitoring and control services of any installation according to customer requirements. Our technical team has extensive experience in wind, solar and hydroelectric installations.

Our services as a Control Centre include:

  • Instantaneous control of all connected installations.
  • Reset of installations as per the relevant procedure.
  • Alerts and monitoring of equipment on-call 24/7.
  • Incident management to optimise operation and maintenance.
  • Drafting of reports for various public authorities, associations, etc.
  • Data analysis, availabilities, production, etc. and subsequent sending of the report to the client.
  • Management of discharges, disconnections, limitations, etc. of the facilities with the distributor and with REE [Spanish Electricity Grid].
  • Download and monitoring of meter measurements.
  • Specific studies at the client’s request.
  • Technical documentation design for technologists.

Delegated Dispatch

In 2007 Norvento developed its own Delegated Dispatch, based on the communication system for sending Remote Measurement in Real Time (TTR) to REE of any electricity-producing installation from renewable energies that has an obligation to register with a generation control centre in accordance with Royal Decree 413/2014.

From the Norvento Control Centre our operators interact in real time, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, with installations, operating and maintenance equipment, the Electric Network Dispatch Centre of Spain and electrical distribution companies.

We currently manage nearly 1,000 MW for the REE.

Our services as a Branch Office include:

  • Configuring connection variables for each installation on Norvento servers for sending TTRs to the REE.
  • Receipt of measurement data from each installation in the Norvento Control Centre and their corresponding processing to the REE.
  • Restricted access per user and password to a public interface for real-time display of parameters processed with the REE.
  • 24×7 traceable technical support that meets the REE’s requirement.
  • Sending communication incidents between installation and the Norvento Control Centre.
  • Communication of limitation setpoints via email and personalised telephony.
  • Lines and/or communication networks between the Norvento Control Centre and the National Electricity Grid.
  • Sending setpoints to automatic or manual installations (depending on the client).