Our History

Norvento Enerxía is a group of companies specialized in advanced energy engineering. It designs and manufacture wind turbines and electronic converters and implements distributed generation and microgrid turnkey projects, including storage and electrical management systems, for clients worldwide. Moreover, it is devoted to the promotion, construction and operation of renewable energy power plants.

Norvento is owned by the Fernández Castro family and has been active in the energy sector since 1981 when Pablo Fernández Castro founded an engineering and electrical service consultancy, specifically in the areas of renewable energy generation and distribution. It was the origin of the current Norvento. In the late 1980s, the company began working as a renewable energy developer and entered the hydropower sector, developing mini-hydro plants in the region of Galicia, Spain, as for example Barreiro Hydro Plant. In the beginning of the 90s, the first met masts to assess wind resource were installed. Later that decade the first wind farms were developed: Coruxeiras Wind Farm, Fiouco Wind Farm and Montouto Wind Farm.

In the years 2000, Norvento started to develop biomass and solar projects. Some examples of these projects are Bioallarluz Biomass Plant or Fosso dell’Oro PV Plant. The Group is strategically committed to research, technological development and innovation so it allocates significant resources to numerous R&D renewable energy projects such as to the deployment of wave energy devices, different bioenergy studies, research of geothermal resource or design and development of  medium-scale wind turbines. Since 2008, the Group has embarked upon an ambitious strategic international expansion plan and now is present in countries such as the USA, Brazil, Chile, Poland, Italy and the UK.

In 2009, Norvento expanded its fields of action and became a technologist of renewable energy distributed generation systems by developing, manufacturing and marketing our nED100 wind turbine. In 2015, it made the jump to off-grid systems and microgrids thanks to the OG+ project. Nowadays, it develops and markets technology in this field.


1981 Gecoisa, the electric engineering company origin of the current Norvento, is founded
1986 First works in the hydro sector
1992 First hydro plant in operation: Barreiro Hydro Plant
1994 Installation of first met masts to assess wind resource
1998 Commissioning of Bioallarluz Biomass Plant
2000 Environmental Engineering Department is set up
2001 Commissioning of the first wind farm: Montouto Wind Farm
2002 Civil Engineering Department is set up
2004 First works in marine energies
2005 Comissioning of Coruxeiras & Fiouco wind farms
2006 O&M Department is set up
2007 Generation Control Centre began operation
2008 Internationalization: Chile
Inauguration of Vilalba Solar Research Centre
2009 Internationalization: United States, Brazil and Poland
Opening of Norvento’s offices in Madrid (Spain), Boston (United States), Natal (Brazil) and Warsaw (Poland)
2010 303MW of wind power awarded in Galician Wind Tender
2011 Commissioning of Fosso dell’Oro Solar Plant in Italy
Launch of the first nED100 wind turbine at Saragossa Expo
2012 Inauguration of the wind turbine factory, nED Factory
2013 Commissioning of Cospeito Biogas Plant
2014 Opening of Norvento’s office in London
Installation of the 1st nED100 wind turbine in UK
2016 Development of OG+ Energy Control System
2017 Installation of the new model of the nED100 wind turbine at Norvento Enerxía Innovation Centre
2018 Inauguration of Norvento Enerxía Innovation Centre
2019 Commissioning of 6 new wind farms: Sasdónigas, Sasdónigas 2, Neda, Carracedo, Cadeira and Pastoriza

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