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Inmaculada holds a PhD in Electrical Energy from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas and forms part of Norvento's microgrid team. Contact Inmaculada

Big Data, A.I. & Hyperconnectivity

They will change the way the energy system is managed and will feed decision makers with real time and precise information The introduction of digital technologies in the energy industry value chain will allow an unprecedent transition from the electrical grids that we know today to the smart grids of the future. Such [...]

julio 4th, 2018|


They will break with economies of scale and contribute to a grid of grids A microgrid is a small electrical system that can operate off-grid. It includes distributed generation elements, storage systems and controllable and non-controllable loads. Microgrids are characterized by their heterogeneity regarding their power, technology and applications. Last 10 years there has been [...]

mayo 9th, 2018|

Algae biofuels

They will broaden the use of Nature’s potential to achieve a carbon neutral economy The research to develop biofuels as a replacement for traditional fossil fuels represents one of many attempts to reduce the historical impacts of our energy system upon the environment. Early developments utilised farming products, such as corn or sugar [...]

abril 11th, 2018|


It will open new possibilities to transport and generate energy, as it will make transport cheaper and improve its features Superconductivity is a property that is found within certain materials, that allows them to suddenly exhibit zero resistance to the electric current and impermeability to external magnetic fields under certain circumstances. Although there are [...]

marzo 13th, 2018|

Artificial Photosynthesis

It will produce fuels and recycle atmospheric CO2 For years, scientists have been trying to emulate the complex chemical reactions of the natural process of photosynthesis utilised in plants and algae. Plants have been evolving these natural processes for millions of years allowing them to make use of solar energy to obtain carbohydrates [...]

febrero 12th, 2018|

Nanotechnology & Graphene

They will contribute to manufacture extremely flexible, cheap and easy to manipulate solar panels to be installed on any surface Today, nanotechnology allows us to manipulate matter on scales that, until recent years, were unimaginable. Thanks to this manipulation, scientists and engineers can give new and unique properties to microscopic compounds, some of [...]

enero 16th, 2018|

A world of imperceptible energy

As part of our environment, adopting its essence without changing it. We can consider the second half of the 20th century as a time of exuberant scale regarding energy. Scale is associated to impact: visual, social, demographical or environmental. Energy has been generated in large plants that, although they are usually located far [...]

diciembre 11th, 2017|

Energy without ties

No ties, at the service of the users, free of third party interests or influences. Since the early beginnings of electrical generation, economies of  scale have had a very relevant role in the reduction in costs of the generated energy. Until some years ago, colossal fossil fuel, nuclear, and hydro-electric plants were the only [...]

noviembre 14th, 2017|

Energy digitalization

We will know in real time the origin of the energy we use; we will manage it and be aware of our impact on the planet. Energy digitalization is completely transforming traditional electrical systems and allowing us to adopt a reliable, efficient and sustainable grid. The World Economic Forum, during its last global [...]

octubre 16th, 2017|

Decreased dependence on energy imports

Always present, with no supply problems and no dependence on macroeconomic parameters. Europe experienced a gas supply crisis back in 2009 as a consequence of the Ukraine and Russia conflict. As a result of the supply crisis, concerns were raised over the excessive dependence on imported energy. Over half of the energy consumed in [...]

septiembre 11th, 2017|
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