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Norvento launches its energy storage systems

Norvento launches its energy storage systems. Norvento has developed a new modular plug-and- play energy storage system based on Lithium-Ion batteries for industrial and commercial applications. The modular system can be adapted to capacities ranging 50-800 kWh and power ranging 50-400 kVA, so they can meet the demand of different installations such as [...]

septiembre 8th, 2020|

Renewable gases

Interview to Jean-Victor Rotger “Most European countries have reinforced their commitment to biogas and biomethane ” This month, following our 2020 editorial line: climate challenges, we deal with a technological challenge: the integration of renewable gases in the energy system. We have interviewed Jean-Victor Rotger, Head of Commercial West of France at GRTgaz, [...]

septiembre 1st, 2020|


Interview to Marina Serrano “We think that electricity, the main energy vector of the decarbonisation, should not be penalised in the energy transition” We continue with the 2020 editorial line: climate challenges. This month of August we are dealing with a social challenge: the comprehensive electrification of all energy consumption. We have interviewed Marina [...]

julio 31st, 2020|

Norvento takes part in Neosuccess project

Norvento takes part in Neosuccess project. Norvento takes part in Neosuccess project, an FTI project funded by H2020-EU. It aims to build the first plug-and-play industrial solution that integrates two complex complementary processes: biogas upgrading into biomethane and fermentation-based bio-succinic acid production, two bio-based valuable resources for the industry. Neosuccess technology is a first-of-a-kind [...]

julio 24th, 2020|

Norvento launches Norvento Gridmaster Converter

Norvento launches Norvento Gridmaster Converter. Norvento opens the door to battery energy storage for industries by launching the Norvento Gridmaster Converter (nGM), after 3 years of hard R&D work in the power electronics field. The converter can manage the exchange of energy from the grid and a battery system. It can work both in [...]

julio 16th, 2020|

Energy & Development

Interview to Manuel García Domínguez “Renewable energies and telecommunications are two key factors for a successful economic and social development” We continue with the 2020 editorial line: climate challenges. We have interviewed another collaborator to deal again with an economic challenge to transit to a sustainable energy system: energy for development, without encumbering [...]

julio 14th, 2020|

Energy for development

Interview to Julio Eisman “Thanks to renewable energy and what surrounds them, the access to affordable, safe, sustainable and modern energy for all can be guaranteed” We go on with our 2020 editorial line about climate challenges. This time, we deal with an economic challenge: energy for the development, without encumbering poorer economies. [...]

julio 1st, 2020|

Norvento launches new biogas business line for industries

Norvento launches new biogas business line for industries. Norvento has launched a new business line focused on the development of biogas solutions for the industrial sector. The engineer Javier Taibo joins Norvento to run the new line with the objective to lead a market with a great potential in Spain. The new business [...]

junio 23rd, 2020|

Offgrid renewable microgrid for poultry farm

How to supply a poultry farm with an off-grid renewable microgrid Cattle raising installations are often located in remote areas where the electrical grid is weak, it has low capacity or there is no access to the grid. In the present article we want to share with our readers the experience of Norvento’s [...]

junio 22nd, 2020|

Doors Open day at Mondoñedo

Doors Open day at Mondoñedo. Next 30th of June, our human resource team organizes Doors Open Day at our office in Mondoñedo, Lugo. Register in our website: 1st of June, 2020  

junio 1st, 2020|
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