big data

They will change the way the energy system is managed and will feed decision makers with real time and precise information

The introduction of digital technologies in the energy industry value chain will allow an unprecedent transition from the electrical grids that we know today to the smart grids of the future. Such a change will have an impact on big electrical distribution companies, but also on other agents that until now, have only been observers. The new grids will have advanced communication and information infrastructure and will be more efficient, safe and clean. To make all this possible, grids must quickly manage huge amounts of varied data. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Cloud Computing are techniques that will make the exploitation of this information possible.

These data handling techniques form part of the mathematics, algorithmics and computational sciences and are not native to the energy sector, they will have a massive impact on the evolution of energy systems. The researcher Laura L. Pullum leads a working group at IEEE devoted to research the use of Big Data, Autonomous Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the smart electrical grid. The group not only anticipates the areas where these techniques could be applied but also research into the benefits, challenges and problems that may arise from their use, as they summarize here. Among other aspects, data compilation and processing will increase the client’s satisfaction as their electrical bills will be reduced thanks to several factors. For example: the improvement of energy efficiency as data about their energy consumption will be disaggregated, a better exploitation of wind and solar resources or the improvement on the predictions of renewable energy generation that will reduce their spillage and improve their integration into other conventional generation resources or storage systems. The improvement on the service quality will allow us to detect and identify instabilities and avoid system’s blackouts. Beyond all doubts, markets are moving towards this technology and according to a BDO report, investments from the energy sector in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have greatly increased from start-ups to technology companies related to Artificial Intelligence and data analysis and processing, as in this example.

Now more than ever, information is power. Our systems to supervise, control and acquire data are ready, so our clients will have an advanced tool not only to monitor in real time their installations, but also to perform historical advanced analysis of the energy systems they operate.