BioPlant: Biogas Plants for Self-Consumption

Make good use of the organic waste from your industrial and farming processes and turn them into electricity and heat. If your industry generates a big amount of organic waste and you need electricity and heat you can enhance the value of your waste thanks to our Biogas Plants for self-consumption. They cover all the necessary processes to synthesize fuel and its later use. They are safe for the public and reduce your carbon footprint. They also improve your returns and protect you from the fluctuant prices of the fossil fuels and electricity. Our plants are modular and can be adapted to your particular needs and to the available infrastructure of your installations.

How does the process work?

Waste treatmentarrow_green

Farming or industrial waste, waste from water treatment plants and other residues are gathered, stored and treated before the anaerobic digestion process begins.

Biogas generation and storagearrow_green

Biogas is produced in the digester and stored in the gasometer. Later, it is refined and sent to the boiler or to the cogeneration engine.

Energy generation

Biogas is propelled to the boiler and/or cogeneration engine to generate heat and electricity.

Bioplant 50/150 Main Characteristics

Norvento-Bioplant 50
Norvento-Bioplant 150
Electric Power (kW)
up to 50
up to 150
Thermal Power (kW)
up to 200
up to 600
Runtime (hour/year)
Waste Consumption (tons/year)
Annual electric production (MWh)
up to 375
up to 1,125
Annual Thermal Production (MWh)
up to 1,500
up to 4,500
Electric connection
200 V. (single-phase), 400 V. (three-phase)
400 V. (three-phase)
Design life (years)

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Moreover, our Bioenergy Department takes part in different R&D projects, such as the VARAL project. Norvento, together with other Galician companies, have developed a comprehensive valorisation plant to transform dairy industry subproducts and waste materials. This project, forms part of the programme CONECTAPEME 2018, was financed by Xunta de Galicia through Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), was also supported by the Galician Economy Department and was co-financed with FEDER funds: read more about the project.

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Norvento’s Bioplant

Biogas plants to generate heat and electricity with rated power from 50 to 150kW, a step towards your energy independence.