Norvento offers both companies and public sector entities innovative solutions in the field of biogas, bringing together electricity and thermal generation and its different applications, based on technologies that include this renewable gas.

Our accumulated knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in the renewable gas sector, as well as our international agreements with leading technologists, allow us to integrate advanced solutions to promote the energy recovery of organic by-products, contributing with our proposal to offer companies in the primary sector, processing and food production, and any infrastructure that generates by-products with a high organic load, the valorisation of their waste.

We are aware of the multiple technological and procedural challenges involved in the materialisation of these projects, and we assist our clients in all stages of the proposal, becoming their strategic ally in the area of energy.

Feasibility stage

In the feasibility stage, we place special focus on characterising the available resource, evaluating feasible scenarios and selecting the most appropriate power application (electrical, thermal or sale of biomethane to the gas grid) depending on the existing conditions and the customer’s objectives.

Regulatory, legal and financial formalities

We take care of all regulatory, legal and financial formalities that accompany the development of a new project or existing biogas or biomethane facility, taking into account the regulatory context of each site. We include the prospecting of lines of financing and subsidies.

Design and engineering

We pay special attention to all the technical details in our design and engineering to ensure that our plants integrate seamlessly with our customers’ facilities, seeking modularity and flexibility in operation in accordance with the conditions set by the customer, anticipating any type of incident.

Our team of turnkey project specialists

Our team of turnkey project specialists is backed by an extensive network of technologists and a broad capacity for integrating construction solutions that allows us to execute these turnkey installations in a highly competitive way.

Operation and maintenance services

Here at Norvento we also provide the customer with a range of operation and maintenance services throughout the life of the project, ensuring a fully functional plant that remains within the expected production margins.

All our projects are equipped with an advanced SCADA monitoring system connected to Norvento’s 24/7 Control Centre to ensure the correct monitoring of the plant.

Norvento helps you to assess whether your company has the capacity to valorise a source of organic matter as renewable energy.

We will be your key partner in implementing a circular economy model in your business, which will contribute to the decarbonisation of your activity and protect you from the volatility of fossil fuel and electricity prices.

Discover some of our biogas projects

At Norvento we have developed a pioneering biogas project in Spain for self-consumption in the meat industry. For our client Frigoríficos Bandeira, a leader company in its sector, we have promoted the energy valuation of the by-products of one of its facilities, with the aim of obtaining 80% of its electricity demand and 100% of the thermal energy to supply its animal meat processing infrastructure.
Aiming to achieve a circular model, the plant is coupled with a treatment plant for the liquid fraction of the digestate. In total, it is expected to produce about 8,000 MWh net of biogas. With our project, our client will significantly reduce its energy bill, as well as minimising the cost of waste management.

Our platform for the development of R&D and validation of technologies associated with biogas is coupled to a livestock farm located in Xustás (Lugo). Here we investigate different alternatives for co-digestion of by-products for our clients and pilot innovative fermentation processes that allow us to obtain higher biogas production efficiencies, and even green hydrogen (dark fermentation) in an alternative way to hydrolysis.