11 April 2018

Algae biofuels

They will broaden the use of Nature’s potential to achieve a carbon neutral economy

13 March 2018


It will open new possibilities to transport and generate energy, as it will make transport cheaper and improve its features

12 February 2018

Artificial Photosynthesis

It will produce fuels and recycle atmospheric CO2

16 January 2018

Nanotechnology & Graphene

They will contribute to manufacture extremely flexible, cheap and easy to manipulate solar panels to be installed on any surface

11 December 2017

A world of imperceptible energy

As part of our environment, adopting its essence without changing it.

14 November 2017

Independent energy

No ties, at the service of the users, free of third party interests or influences.

16 October 2017

Energy digitalization

We will know in real time the origin of the energy we use; we will manage it and be aware of our impact on the planet.

11 September 2017

Decreased dependence on energy imports

Always present, with no supply problems and no dependence on macroeconomic parameters.

3 August 2017

Quality of supply

Consumers will be immune to supply quality problems in weak or underdeveloped electricity grids.