11 July 2017

Commitment to Clean Energy

No fossil fuels; it will make good use of technological advances to get superior benefits from renewable energy.

12 June 2017

Energy integrated in our lives

Our energy sources will be interwoven with our households, parks and infrastructures, becoming part of them

10 May 2017

Energy for tomorrow’s world

Aware that what we do today will affect tomorrow’s world

10 April 2017

Energy with no risk

No spillages, no leaks. It will be located in residential or industrial areas with no risk for their inhabitants

13 March 2017

Circularity in our Energy System

We will unlock the energy potential of waste that we generate and make a definitive contribution to sustainability.

8 February 2017

The Interaction between Industry 4.0 & Smart Buildings

We will decide in real time what energy sources to use in harmony with our nearby environment

13 January 2017

Energy of the future: ubiquitous

Near or far from main infrastructure, we will have sustainable energy generated by natural resources.