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2 diciembre, 2019

Airborne Wind Turbines

By | diciembre 2nd, 2019|


By David Stewart

Taking advantage of the wind where it is strongest and most constant

What is Airborne Wind Energy?

We have all seen the […]

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26 noviembre, 2019

Regulations to connect new generation installations in Spain

By | noviembre 26th, 2019|

conexion-red   Normativas para conectar nuevas instalaciones de generación en España Reglamento Europeo de códigos de red de conexión

Cuando a principios del año 2019 analizamos los requisitos […]

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19 noviembre, 2019

High-power superconducting links

By | noviembre 19th, 2019|


by Adela Marian

In the present article, our author explains to us how magnesium diboride superconductors were used in a technology demonstration of a DC […]

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13 noviembre, 2019

Shared electrical vehicles

By | noviembre 13th, 2019|

Maximizing each kWh used

By Fernando Minaya

We have to admit that the way we move through our cities has clearly changed. Looking back […]

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4 noviembre, 2019

Superconducting Transmission Grids

By | noviembre 4th, 2019|

Remote, efficient and high-capacity power transmission

By Amalia Ballarino

In this blog entry, one of the most renowed global experts on superconductivity […]

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2 septiembre, 2019

Carbon Capture Megaplants

By | septiembre 2nd, 2019|

captura co2

Contributing to a net zero-emissions mankind  

by José Ramón Fernández García

Since fossil fuels started to be used as energy sources at […]

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8 agosto, 2019

The Success of Battery Energy Storage Systems

By | agosto 8th, 2019|


The success of battery energy storage systems

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global installed capacity of battery storage projects has soared from […]

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1 agosto, 2019

Grid Stabilization through Batteries

By | agosto 1st, 2019|


Taking on the function of fossil fuel plants

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global installed capacity of battery storage projects has increased […]

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10 julio, 2019

Smart & Distributed Generation

By | julio 10th, 2019|

Energy flow optimization between neighbours that generate and consume

Electricity is one of the cornerstones of modern society. Specifically, the market of renewable energy […]

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12 junio, 2019

Powering Europe with Africa’s Sunshine

By | junio 12th, 2019|

Energy Mega-Projects that Links Continents

In the global race to stop climate change, ditching fossil fuels as energy source is the number one priority. The […]

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15 mayo, 2019

Recycled Fuels

By | mayo 15th, 2019|

Waste used for transportation 

It is undeniable that we are facing a mobility paradigm shift. The fuel model based in technical and economic monopoly of […]

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2 abril, 2019

Nuclear Fusion

By | abril 2nd, 2019|

Nuclear Fusion & the ITER Project

by Alberto Loarte

Nuclear fusion is the process by which stars produce energy. It involves the fusion of […]

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13 marzo, 2019

Local-Scale Microgrids

By | marzo 13th, 2019|


Advanced electrification for remote urban areas

Microgrids are small-scale electrical systems that replicate large electrical systems; both, in the way they are managed and often […]

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26 febrero, 2019

Five steps to follow to guarantee renewables comply with the new network codes

By | febrero 26th, 2019|


Cinco pasos a seguir (¡desde abril!) para asegurar que las renovables cumplan parte del nuevo código de red

En este artículo exploraremos a través de […]

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12 febrero, 2019

Large scale floating wind farms

By | febrero 12th, 2019|


Cheap and constant energy without visual impact from the shore

Everyone is aware that the energy potential of wind blowing out at sea should be […]

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21 enero, 2019

Connection of Generators & the European Network codes

By | enero 21st, 2019|


La conexión a red de generadores en el marco del Código de Red Europeo

En el artículo previo, introducíamos el espíritu […]

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9 enero, 2019

Domestic off-grid solar systems

By | enero 9th, 2019|


Alternative ways of sustainable electrification

Access to energy is a basic requirement to enable the growth of underdeveloped regions worldwide. Energy improves the safety, health, […]

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4 diciembre, 2018

Hydrogen storage in metal hydrides

By | diciembre 4th, 2018|


It will provide a safe and simple storage solution, solving problems with hydrogen

Hydrogen fuel is an alternative to the present energy situation, which is […]

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15 noviembre, 2018

European network codes & the national legislation

By | noviembre 15th, 2018|


El código de red europeo y su relación con las normativas nacionales

La conexión a red de nuevos generadores eléctricos exige el conocimiento en detalle […]

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12 noviembre, 2018

Molten metal batteries

By | noviembre 12th, 2018|


They will allow the grid-scale storage of renewable energy

Until recently it has been necessary for electrical generation and demand to match exactly in […]

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24 octubre, 2018

Renewable Microgrids: A Case Study

By | octubre 24th, 2018|


The Viable Application of Renewable Microgrids: A Case Study


Electrical distribution patterns have changed in recent years. At one time the only way to deliver […]

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3 octubre, 2018

Grid connection of new generators: simulation

By | octubre 3rd, 2018|


Las simulaciones que necesitas para la conexión de generación renovable a la red

Antes del 31 de diciembre de 2019, el sistema eléctrico español acogerá […]

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1 octubre, 2018

Carbon Capture & Storage

By | octubre 1st, 2018|


It will speed up the transition to a carbon-free energy system

To stop global warming, we have to commit to ambitious objectives to decarbonise the […]

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10 septiembre, 2018

Wireless Electricity Transmission

By | septiembre 10th, 2018|


It will establish unimaginable ways to consume electricity

Even though imperceptible and massive wireless electricity transmission still seems to be a subject of science fiction, […]

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1 agosto, 2018

Smart Grids & Internet of Things

By | agosto 1st, 2018|


They will optimize the management of existing generation, transport and distribution assets and maximize their productivity and lifespan

A study of Europe’s electrical grids will […]

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4 julio, 2018

Big Data, A.I. & Hyperconnectivity

By | julio 4th, 2018|

big data

They will change the way the energy system is managed and will feed decision makers with real time and precise information

The introduction of […]

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13 junio, 2018


By | junio 13th, 2018|


It will allow the exchange of energy and grid services without limits or friction

Since the second industrial revolution, when industry, cities and territories in […]

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9 mayo, 2018


By | mayo 9th, 2018|


They will break with economies of scale and contribute to a grid of grids

microgrid is a small electrical system that can operate […]

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11 abril, 2018

Algae biofuels

By | abril 11th, 2018|


They will broaden the use of Nature’s potential to achieve a carbon neutral economy

The research to develop biofuels as a replacement for traditional fossil […]

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13 marzo, 2018


By | marzo 13th, 2018|


It will open new possibilities to transport and generate energy, as it will make transport cheaper and improve its features

Superconductivity is a […]

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12 febrero, 2018

Artificial Photosynthesis

By | febrero 12th, 2018|


It will produce fuels and recycle atmospheric CO2

For years, scientists have been trying to emulate the complex chemical reactions of the natural process of […]

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16 enero, 2018

Nanotechnology & Graphene

By | enero 16th, 2018|


They will contribute to manufacture extremely flexible, cheap and easy to manipulate solar panels to be installed on any surface

Today, nanotechnology allows us to […]

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11 diciembre, 2017

A world of imperceptible energy

By | diciembre 11th, 2017|


As part of our environment, adopting its essence without changing it.

We can consider the second half of the 20th century as a time of […]

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14 noviembre, 2017

Energy without ties

By | noviembre 14th, 2017|


No ties, at the service of the users, free of third party interests or influences.

Since the early beginnings of electrical generation, economies of  

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16 octubre, 2017

Energy digitalization

By | octubre 16th, 2017|


We will know in real time the origin of the energy we use; we will manage it and be aware of our impact on […]

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11 septiembre, 2017

Decreased dependence on energy imports

By | septiembre 11th, 2017|


Always present, with no supply problems and no dependence on macroeconomic parameters.

Europe experienced a gas supply crisis back in 2009 as a consequence of […]

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3 agosto, 2017

Quality of supply

By | agosto 3rd, 2017|


Consumers will be immune to supply quality problems in weak or underdeveloped electricity grids.

Access to a reliable energy supply increases the financial activity and […]

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11 julio, 2017

Commitment to Clean Energy

By | julio 11th, 2017|


No fossil fuels; it will make good use of technological advances to get superior benefits from renewable energy.

There is little doubt about the impact […]

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12 junio, 2017

Energy integrated in our lives

By | junio 12th, 2017|


Our energy sources will be interwoven with our households, parks and infrastructures, becoming part of them

In recent years, renewable energies in electrical systems have […]

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10 mayo, 2017

Energy for tomorrow’s world

By | mayo 10th, 2017|


Aware that what we do today will affect tomorrow’s world

Human beings have always caused impact on the balance of the Environment. Industrialization has provided […]

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10 abril, 2017

Energy with no risk

By | abril 10th, 2017|


No spillages, no leaks. It will be located in residential or industrial areas with no risk for their inhabitants

The energy mix of many countries […]

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13 marzo, 2017

Circularity in our Energy System

By | marzo 13th, 2017|


We will unlock the energy potential of waste that we generate and make a definitive contribution to sustainability.

Circular Economy can be […]

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8 febrero, 2017

The Interaction between Industry 4.0 & Smart Buildings

By | febrero 8th, 2017|


We will decide in real time what energy sources to use in harmony with our nearby environment

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution […]

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13 enero, 2017

Energy of the future: ubiquitous

By | enero 13th, 2017|


Near or far from main infrastructure, we will have sustainable energy generated by natural resources.

Solar radiation, wind, biomass and water are renewable resources available […]

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