If you like challenges, engineering and you are passionate about energy and sustainability, Norvento is an interesting job opportunity with great prospects for your career.


Our staff are highly-qualified people in academic, professional and personal terms. They are committed to Norvento’s Principles and put them into practice on a daily basis. We seek to inspire confidence and trust in our professional relationships and we focus on sustainability as a core principle of our work and also of our lives.



Work environment

At Norvento, you will be joining a demanding working environment. We always seek to give our best and we do not settle for effortless work. We believe in improving every day and learning from the projects we carry out with ambition and dedication.

The atmosphere is also low-stress, as we work on the basis of consensus and we encourage people to be autonomous. Norvento’s good work climate is maintained thanks to the good spirit of the teams that make up the organisation, and the environment of flexibility, camaraderie and facilities that are offered to us.

Our corporate culture

The spirit of excellence and perseverance, present throughout our entire existence, has been fundamental to Norvento’s success.

The culture that steers the organisation of Norvento Enerxía is an inheritance and reflection of the values ​​that have inspired it since the company was founded in 1981.







We take our responsibility to the company and the environment very seriously. We are fully committed to act in ways that are appropriate for the company. We commit to the company’s goals as our own.

We work together. We encourage good communication, a personal approach; we listen to our fellow-workers and we put ourselves in their place to help them resolve their issues, whether they are members of our team or of some other team.

If the opportunity arises to achieve something important for the company, we assess how to do it; we consult our direct superiors and we propose how to set it in motion.

We look for alternatives, we break with the conventional wisdom, both inside and outside the company. Always learning and improving the state of the art.

We are always thinking of ways to add value for our clients, both internal and external. As we work towards our goals, we keep in mind that our client will be fully satisfied.

We tackle problems smartly and boldly. We never give up looking for alternatives.

Career opportunities

At Norvento, we grow with the company and opportunities for professional development are continually presented that encourage us to challenge ourselves and continue to evolve through the acquisition of knowledge and experience. If you want to grow, grow with Norvento.


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