The energy scenario is changing. Self-consumption and distributed generation solutions are sharing the market with conventional centralized generation systems and users will become the main players in this new way of energy consumption.

Helping you to supply your installations with renewable energy

We want our clients to generate and manage their own energy in a sustainable and affordable way, still on-grid but reducing their energy consumption from it. We integrate clean energy and storage systems to help you increase your energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and your energy costs.


Our workflow:

Conceptual design

We support you with our know-how
Our involvement begins at the conceptual definition, keeping an energy-centred approach

Detailed design

We carry out a deep analysis of the feasibility and design of the installation
We take into account all your requirements and the available natural resources and develop a solution to the smallest detail


We manage the purchase of all the components
We select the equipment and deal with the procurement. We guarantee a quality solution in a timely and costly manner


We supervise and implement the chosen solution
We assume the responsibility to hand over the project in perfect working order

Reduce your electricity costs by installing on-site distributed generation and storage



Case Study

Distributed wind to reduce electricity costs in Shoreham Port

Impact of the integration of advanced renewable generation systems in the operations of an industrial installation