We will decide in real time what energy sources to use in harmony with our nearby environment

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution that whereby digital technologies will revolutionise our industries [1]. Such digital technologies will be key elements in the way societies manage non only industrial processes, but also health, food, water and energy [2]. The era of Energy 4.0 has started.

The development of Smart Grids will allow the interaction between Industry 4.0 and smart houses and buildings. The smart operation of electrical systems requires bidirectional information flows; so the different agents involved, from producers to consumers, can make decisions about its operation.

Thanks to their smart homes and electrical vehicles, electrical consumers will participate actively in the management of smart grids, becoming key players in this new concept of Energy 4.0. Technologies that allow users to manage their electrical consumption and coordinate the charge and discharge of their electrical vehicles using renewable energy generated at home are already a reality [3]. The Smart Energy concept is not only applicable to our homes, but also to office buildings, shopping centres, factories and even cities [4].

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