Aware that what we do today will affect tomorrow’s world

Human beings have always caused impact on the balance of the Environment. Industrialization has provided us with tools to increase our productivity and improve the quality of our lives, but it has also increased our impact on the planet to an extent that has never been seen. Without doubt, the need for and use of energy is one of the elements responsible for such impact.

In a scenario where the energy demand is increasing, we need take on this responsibility as a basic step to find a solution immediately. The responsible production and consumption of energy is a challenge both for nations and individuals. The present energy needs should be covered and technology should keep evolving but without threatening environmental quality and resources for future generations.

A clear example of recognition of the responsibility from Governments is the Treaty of Paris, signed by 195 countries. They committed to take the necessary measures to fight climate change. At the individual level, aware citizens will be able to join original and new initiatives such as cooperatives, which supply their clients with renewable energy, or platforms to exchange energy where users will be able to generate their own renewable energy at home (for example, using roof-mounted solar panels) and share the surplus locally with other users (community microgrids) or even globally. Thanks to concepts such as blockchain, the exchange of energy between individuals, known as P2P or peer-to-peer, will be frequent in the future. Now, there are already pilot projects on this innovative concept of energy exchange.

Whilste all these platforms become a reality… if you, as an energy consumer want to contribute to the responsible use of and care for the environment on behalf of future generations, in the following link you can make a rough calculation of your CO2 emissions.

Do not wait more to become a responsible consumer!