No spillages, no leaks. It will be located in residential or industrial areas with no risk for their inhabitants

The energy mix of many countries is undergoing unprecedented changes and the prominence of long-term sustainable energy sources, with low or zero carbon emissions, is growing.  Human beings need more efficient and cleaner electrical systems that are safe for those living nearby.

The Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory, RAEL, led by Professor Daniel Kammen, have been involved in different projects to design, test and disseminate renewable and appropriate energy systems. This laboratory was founded at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Energy and Resources Group and the Department of Nuclear Engineering. It argues that not only the renewable, everlasting aspect of energy sources is important, but they must also adequately fit into the human context where they are located.

In fact, nuclear fission could be considered an endless source of energy and, from a strictly technical point of view, could be classified as Renewable. However, although we must mention the high safety measures established in the nuclear sphere, it generates radioactive waste that can cause problems in case of spillages or leaks. That is why, from a zero-impact point of view, this technology in its current form will not be considered Appropriate as it is not completely safe. Time will tell if in the long-term the future nuclear fusion plants change this scenario.

On the other hand, endless sources such as wind, solar, mini-hydro or bioenergies involve no outstanding risks for those who coexist with them, so they can be located close to consumers.

At Norvento we work in the integration of renewable and everlasting energy sources, perfectly Appropriate and safe to coexist with our clients, wherever they are needed.