Converter and advanced control system

Norvento Gridmaster Converter (nGM) is an innovative and versatile platform of converters for energy storage, able to operate while connected to the grid and in weak grids (on-grid), or in isolated systems or micro-grids (off-grid).

In addition, it incorporates an advanced control system to get the most out of the storage systems.


Modular and scalable

nGM is a modular system that allows one to adapt to the various requirements of power and energy of any installation, from small industrial installations to large micro-grids

From 50 kVA to 2000 kVA.


The multiple nGM interfaces facilitate the integration of energy storage into micro-areas and electrical installations, providing an almost ready-to-use solution.

nGM, power-scalable by parallelising standard power modules

  • Trainer/Network Tracker
  • Exceptional energy quality
  • Blackstart
  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Energy dispatch system included
  • Can be stowed in a sea cargo container

DC storage intake

  • DC Voltage range 540 V … 850 V
  • Configurable number of DC intakes
  • Communication with BMS Modbus, CAN, Ethernet


AC Output

  • Nominal power output 50 kVA…2000 kVA
  • Nominal voltage: 400 V/480 V
  • Nominal frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Overload capacity (as trainer) Programmable

Cooling method

Power venting

Interface with other elements of the micro-network/installation

Modbus, CAN, Ethernet


Ethernet, Web, App

Specific characteristics for micro-grids and isolated systems

  • Control of the micro-network
  • Regulation of voltage and frequency
  • Immediate coupling of electricity generators
  • Control in the event of load imbalances
  • Behaviour in the event of short-circuits and failures
  • Monitoring

Specific characteristics for on-grid installations

  • Reduction of consumption peaks (peak shaving)
  • Consumer curve optimisation (energy arbitrage)
  • Auxiliary grid services and flexibility markets
  • Reactive power offsetting
  • Monitoring of additional reactive offsetting systems.
  • Monitoring
    Ethernet, Web, App.

Examples of use