Norvento Ingeniería has participated in the design, development and construction of all its installations in operation (hydropower, wind power, solar) totalling a power output of more than 3,000 MW. It participates in the different phases of the project life cycle: from initial design, development of detail engineering and environmental studies to construction and commissioning.


Norvento Ingeniería is fully committed to working with our clients to achieve the goals of energy transition and combatting climate change.

We have a broad vision of the entire energy value chain that enables us to offer comprehensive solutions for consulting, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance services that cover the entire life cycle of a renewable energy project, in centralised generation and in self-use energy generation and distributed generation with various technologies (wind, solar, biogas, hydroelectric and biomass).

Our commitment to society and the environment drives us to search for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, comprising more than 30 technicians committed to excellence and unique approaches, we provide creative and personalised solutions to our clients, backed by more than three decades of experience working with the main power generation, transmission and distribution companies in Spain.

With more than 40 years of experience and a staff of more than 30 professionals, Norvento Ingeniería has developed more than 1,100 MW of wind power throughout the world, actively participating in the different phases of each project: from the initial conception, development of the detail engineering and environmental studies to construction and commissioning.

We participate in all development processes of renewable electricity generation plants (wind, hydroelectric, solar, biomass, biogas, green hydrogen, etc.), providing the following services:

  • Technical and regulatory consulting
  • Technical due diligence services
  • Wind power resource and micrositing studies
  • Technical feasibility, economic and financial viability studies and investment advice
  • We handle the application for and obtaining of permits, authorisations, legal approvals and official grants
  • Basic engineering, execution projects and detail engineering
  • Design of foundations
  • Road survey
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Works and site management
  • Quality Control and Health and Safety Coordination
  • Supervision of execution, testing and start-up
  • BOP Construction
  • Start-up of installations
  • Asset management

Lines and Substations

During our 40-year history we have carried out electrical engineering projects for the main power companies and renewable energy producers, offering services such as:

  • Studies of transmission line routing alternatives
  • Basic and detail engineering of overhead and underground transmission lines
  • Basic and detail engineering of electrical substations
  • Application and obtaining of official approval and management of permits
  • Management of interconnection points and advice on PPA agreements

We have a team that specialises in modelling and analysis of generation plants and power grids with proven experience in grid connection studies of generation plants:

  • Proof of compliance with the European Grid Connection Code (RfG) COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2016/631
  • Reactive power capacity studies
  • Power quality studies (harmonics, flicker)
  • Short-circuit studies
  • Load flow studies, losses and analysis of contingencies
  • Dynamic stability studies and of the power-frequency and voltage-reactive control
  • Comprehensive management of the new MGE certification process applicable to all installations without a declaration of existing prior to 17 May 2018
  • Ad-hoc studies

We have the experience of more than 70 Environmental Impact Studies and 50 Environmental Monitoring services in the construction phase and exploitation of renewable energy projects.

We offer services oriented to environmental management, urban planning and property management:

  • Integrated environmental authorisations
  • Definition of environmental and urban development conditions for the implementation of power generation plants
  • Studies of transmission line routing alternatives
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Studies and surveys of flora and fauna
  • Shadow flicker studies
  • Studies of synergies and cumulative effects
  • Landscape integration studies (infographics)
  • Environmental monitoring and oversight of works in progress and operational projects
  • Design and execution of environmental restoration and recovery plans
  • Sectoral projects and urban planning processes
  • Property management

We offer global energy efficiency solutions based on clean energy self-use energy generation, storage and optimisation of energy flows and demands.

We design systems compatible with and respectful of the architecture and environment of each building and applicable to different construction types: industrial and commercial premises, public buildings, service stations, farms, resorts, ports, mines and other locations.

We collaborate with our clients in the decarbonisation of their energy consumption, promoting the transition towards an emissions-free energy model and with zero-energy buildings, which fully meets their energy demand through the self-generation of renewable energy sources and storage.

Our latest wind power engineering project is N6

Our six new wind farms produce the power output awarded in the Ministry of Industry auction in May 2017.

The Sasdónigas, Estelo Sas, Neda, Carracedo, A Pastoriza and Cadeira wind farms, located in areas with a high wind resource in Lugo province, total 128 MW and will produce an annual amount of energy equivalent to the electricity consumption of a municipality of 90,000 inhabitants.

Learn about our business milestone with which we reaffirm our commitment to sustainable development and the environment, preventing the emission of 4 million tons of CO2  over the life of the wind farms and generating great benefits for the municipalities where they are located.