Two Norvento’s new wind farms already in operation.

Two of the six new wind farms that Norvento will commission before the end of the year are already in operation. 18MW Sasdónigas 1 wind farm, located in the council of Mondoñedo, Lugo, Spain, made up of 5 Vestas V126 wind turbines and 34.65MW Neda wind farm, located in the councils of Abadín and A Pastoriza, also in Lugo, Spain, made up of 10 Gamesa G132 wind turbines, have already produced their first kWh. Norvento is working in the construction of other four wind farms that will totalize 128.35MW. They will generate enough energy a year to supply a municipality of 90,000 inhabitants. With these projects, Norvento keeps its commitment to sustainable development and the Environment, avoiding the emission of 4M tons of CO2 equivalent during the life span of the wind farms. Moreover, the projects will generate considerable profits and benefits for the municipalities where they are located.

September 10th, 2019