Your pathway to energy independence

Exploit and optimise wind resource with our nED100 medium power wind turbine, connected to the grid, in weak grids with poor supply quality, in micro-grids and hybrid systems, with photovoltaic, diesel or batteries, or even isolated, as the sole source of energy.

The nED100 requires no attention on your part and will be integrated into your facility without large physical space needs. You will become a consumer of renewable energy generated next to the point of consumption, contributing to the environmental sustainability of your environment.

Maximum market performance, at the forefront of technology

  1. Certified blades Tried and tested and validated for extreme loads and fatigue
  2. Direct-drive No gearbox. No hydraulic systems. Minimal need for maintenance
  3. Synchronous permanent magnet generator Guaranteed performance throughout the life of the machine
  4. Variable pitch Place the blades at the optimum angle according to wind speed
  5. Speed control Keeps blades spinning at optimum speed
  6. Fast and safe access to the nacelle Inside the tower, with all the components in a spacious and ergonomic cabin

nED100 is the answer to
a vision of change
in the electricity sector.

Some applications:

Turbine Manufacturing in accordance with IEC 61400-22-2010 TÜV SÜD
  Safety in accordance with Directive 2006/42/EC SGS
  EMC tested according to Directive 2006/42/EC SGS
  Electrical safety in accordance with Directive 2006/42/EC SGS
  Energy quality measured in accordance with IEC 61400-21:2008 Barlovento
  Sound curve measured according to IEC 61400-11:2012 ARESSE
Blades Design for IEC IIIA according to IEC 61400-1:200 TÜV SÜD
  Design for IEC IIIA according to IEC 61400-1:200 TÜV SÜD
Rotor Type Tripala, barlovento
  Blades Composite material: fiberglass-epoxy
Power train Generator Multipole permanent magnets
  Multiplier No
  Ventilation Passive air cooling
Electrical control system Controller Industrial PLC
  Pitch actuator Electromechanical, oil-free
Electrical control system 100 kW
Rated wind speed 10 m/s
Adaptation to the location 24.5 m (IEC IIA) – 29.5 m (IEC IIIA) – 36.0 m (IEC IIIA)
Available rotor diameters 22 m (IEC IIA) – 24 m (IEC IIIA)
Monitoring Remote monitoring via internet with client application
  Norvento Control Center (available 24/7)
Access to the gondola Inside the tower
Gondola jobs Up to 12 m/s average wind speed
  Optimum ergonomics for the operator
Electrical interconnection Output type Alternating current, three phase
  Voltage 400 V
  Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  Protection G59
Ancillary network services and benefits Real-time power delivery control  
  Reactive power control  
  Power factor compensation  

We have designed our wind turbine around three core principles

Extreme Productivity-Efficiency

We have taken care of the design to achieve maximum aerodynamic capture, mechanical and electrical efficiency, adapting to different wind regimes and responding quickly to gusts thanks to its variable speed and pitch.

Make the most of wind energy. nED100 offers the highest electrical production on the market in its power range thanks to its aerodynamics, generator, and control system. Our Norvento Control Center will monitor the behavior of nED100 in real time ensuring its maximum availability.

Reliability-Robustness and permanent availability

Its direct drive configuration without any fluid for lubrication or cooling makes it extremely robust. You can monitor it 24/7 through your smartphone.

nED100 has been designed to withstand extreme conditions of wind, temperature, humidity and salinity. The configuration of the nED100, without speed multiplier box and without hydraulic systems, minimizes the number of actions, both preventive and corrective maintenance.

Security-Certification by the best

nED100 meets the most demanding design and manufacturing regulations, providing safe operation throughout its useful life, which has been certified by the same organizations that work with large wind energy.

We have invested in safety by certifying the design and manufacturing of our machine according to the most demanding standards, ensuring the soundness of your investment. The maintenance team will be able to work safely and comfortably, accessing a spacious and ergonomic gondola through the interior of the tower.


Other Distributed Generation Installations in the UK

Norvento has a portfolio of distributed electricity generation installations in the United Kingdom in which it operates as a developer and independent electricity producer. They all use nED100 Wind Turbine technology and supply electricity to industrial, agriculture and livestock breeding, and infrastructure such as ports. The following map shows the nED100 plants installed in the United Kingdom.

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Frequently asked questions


nED100 achieves annual energy production ranging from 200 to 400 MWh depending on wind conditions. Sufficient to supply the average energy consumption of industrial consumers and the service sector.


The nED100 offers small businesses the opportunity to significantly reduce their electricity bills by benefiting from 100% renewable energy.


You only require sufficient space to set up the tower. In addition, the 36 meter-tall shank makes it possible to reach a sufficient height that its production capacity will not be constrained by the buildings in the surrounding area.


Yes. The nED100 has been designed using the most advanced aerodynamic and mechanical technology achieving exceptionally quiet wind turbines, ideal for residential areas.


The nED100 is designed to require minimal maintenance work. Norvento will permanently monitor the wind turbine’s behaviour and be able to manage its needs remotely.