They will break with economies of scale and contribute to a grid of grids

microgrid is a small electrical system that can operate off-grid. It includes distributed generation elements, storage systems and controllable and non-controllable loads. Microgrids are characterized by their heterogeneity regarding their power, technology and applications. Last 10 years there has been a considerable increase of different kind of microgrids.

This type of small grids will play a significant role in meeting the energy demand of the future, not only of industries and households but also of the public sector; as they allow us to reduce emissions, improve the reliability and quality of the supply and reduce costs, as a result of the drastic changes in the structure of electrical generation costs that have favoured a break with the economies of scale.

The first advanced research on microgrids were experimental developments carried out at research centres and universities; however, their valuable features have quickly positioned them at the centre of the plans for the smart grids of the future. At an upper level, a new concept has emerge: grid of microgrids or fractal microgrids, as a result of using the multiple applications of microgrids not only to bring power to isolated rural areas but also in modern electrical systems. In this concept, microgrids are not operated in isolation but interconnected, making up a superior grid with the aim of getting the top benefit and an optimal operation.

At Norvento, we carry out several R&D lines related to microgrids. We develop products specially designed for microgrids and we also incorporate products originally designed for conventional grids into them. Always working to provide our clients with strong and cost-competitive technical solutions.