Norvento Gridmaster Converter

Power conversion systems for energy storage applications


Norvento Gridmaster Converter is a modular platform designed to ease the design and integration of energy storage systems.

From 50 kVA up to 2000 kVA.

Norvento Gridmaster can operate connected to the grid (on-grid) or isolated from the grid (off-grid) in microgrid applications.

It simplifies the design, engineering and commissioning of microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) incorporating energy storage.

Modular platform from 50kVA to 2000kVA








  • Standard power modules: 50kVA, 100kVA and 200kVA, scalable by parallelization
  • Adaptable DC & AC distribution modules
  • With or without transformer
  • Independent power modules that increase the reliability of the system.

Main characteristics

Grid former/follower
Norvento Gridmaster can instantly transit from grid forming to grid following mode and viceversa. The change is achieved without appreciable electrical transients and can be triggered on demand or automatically to prevent an outage
Pure sinewave
Thanks to its advanced control, our PCS can deliver exceptional power quality and improve the stability in highly distorted and weak grids
Black start
In case of a power outage, Norvento Gridmaster can restore the electrical power to your installation without relying on the external grid or gensets
Remote monitoring & control
Our Power Conversion Systems can be monitored and controlled by the user through an App or web, and communicate with a SCADA, or control centres of DSOs and aggregators
Basic Energy Management System included
Norvento Gridmaster includes an Energy Management System (EMS) to dispatch the energy storage system and other Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
Integration in containers
For an easy deployment and commissioning, Norvento Gridmaster can be integrated with batteries, HVAC and auxiliary systems in a containerized energy storage system
Ethernet, Web, App

Technical data

DC battery input
Battery voltage range
540 V…800 V
Number of DC connections
Communication with BMS
Modbus, CAN, Ethernet
AC output
Rated power
Rated voltage
400V / 480V
Rated frequency
50Hz / 60 Hz
Overload capability
Cooling system
Forced air
Interface for other grid elements
Modbus, CAN, Ethernet
Monitoring & control
Ethernet, Web, App

Specific characteristics for microgrids & off-grid applications

Microgrid control
Norvento Gridmaster can communicate with and operate other microgrid elements such as gensets, solar PV inverters, wind turbines, energy meters, circuit breakers and more
Voltage & frequency control
Norvento Gridmaster’s advanced Power Management System (PMS) ensure permanent power supply to critical loads
Genset friendly
Our PCS can couple to forming gensets in an easy way and without communications, with the guarantee that no electrical transients or reverse power in the generators will appear
Unbalance control
Norvento Gridmaster features a state-of-the-art control system that minimises the unbalance of the electrical supply even when loads are unevenly distributed across the phases
Short-circuit programmed behaviour
Norvento Gridmaster excels at providing maximum fault current while keeping the microgrid voltage as healthy as any given near or far outage permits. The short-circuit programmed behaviour makes protection coordination work much simple
Ethernet, Web, App

Some examples of applications in microgrids and off-grid systems:

  • Hybridization of diesel gensets with energy storage to reduce GHG emissions, operating expenses and increase the lifespan of gensets
  • Renewable microgrids in zero-energy buildings
  • Microgrids in isolated farms and industries without grid or with high connection costs
  • Microgrids in developing countries or for emergency situations
  • Solar pumping with storage

Specific characteristics for on-grid applications

Peak shaving
Reduce the energy consumption from the utility company during peak hours with the consequent cost reduction in your electricity bill
Load shifting
Norvento Gridmaster allows you to optimize your installation load curve and in case of on-site renewable generation, it allows you to maximize its use and avoid curtailments
Ancilliary services & flexibility markets
Norvento Gridmaster is ready to provide ancillary services to the grid and to participate in flexibility markets in order to obtain additional revenue streams
Reactive power compensation
Norvento Gridmaster can compensate the reactive power in your installation avoiding costs in the electricity bill or in additional reactive power compensators
Ethernet, Web, App

Some examples of applications in on-grid systems:

  • Commercial and industrial applications with renewable generation on-site
  • EV charging stations with constrained connection to the grid or that requires increase of effective power rating
  • Electrical installations in weak grids with poor quality and reliability issues or with constrained connection to the grid
  • Electrical loads that require reliable and high-quality power supply such as hospitals and data centres
  • Water treatment plants

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Norvento Gridmaster Converter

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