Norvento Enerxía is a Spanish company in the renewable energies sector with comprehensive capabilities. Based in Lugo (Galicia, Spain), we are a family firm with Spanish capital, and we have been operating in the market for decades.

Norvento’s activity in the renewable energy sector encompasses both centralised generation, with large windpower installations, as well as distributed generation with solutions for the industrial sector, as well as the manufacture of medium-power wind turbines, converters and energy storage systems.
Our wealth of experience enables us to face the challenges of the future of the energy sector, 100% renewable, with the aim of continuing to offer the best solutions for our clients and the communities we work with.

Founded in 1981, our company develops, manufactures and markets technology for distributed energy with a renewable source such as our nED medium power wind turbines, our Norvento Gridmaster (nGM) converters for energy storage or our monitoring and control systems, among others. We implement turnkey projects for self-use energy generation and micro-grids with renewables for clients in the industrial sector around the world. All our products, technologies and services are based on very clear concepts of Innovation, Quality, Design and Sustainability.

We also work in large-scale generation, where we design, build and operate large renewable energy plants, especially wind power plants. With a presence in several international markets, Norvento Enerxía has more than 250 MW of renewable generation plants in operation in Spain, more than 700 MW developed and more than 1,000 MW under development, in our country and abroad. Norvento’s facilities, both in operation and under development, comprise hydroelectric plants, wind farms, solar and biomass plants, biogas installations and installations for distributed generation and self-use energy generation. The installations’ power outputs range from 50 kW to the 50 MW of wind farms.

We are a family business based in Galicia, Spain, with our head offices in Lugo, directed since our creation by our founder and current Chairman, Pablo Fernandez Castro. Since our beginnings in 1981, in Norvento we have been committed to roots and permanence as hallmarks of a company that works for an alternative energy model, convinced of the importance of our contribution to one of the sectors that contributes most to the sustainable development and climate balance of the planet.

The spirit of improvement and perseverance, present throughout our entire existence, have been fundamental to Norvento’s success.


Expertise and specialization

Norvento Enerxía’s activity covers the entire value chain in all the projects it develops, both large-scale and distributed generation.

40 years of renewable technology

Norvento Enerxía was born from the conviction of our founder and current CEO, Pablo Fernández Castro, that the future of energy is renewable and indigenous. The oil crisis of the 70s made an impression on his vision of the energy sector, as he experienced directly the consequences of energy dependence and the lack of security of supply. This initiative and business vision guides us in each of the quality projects that we undertake, in which every detail is taken care of.
Today Norvento works to position itself as one of the leaders in technological solutions aimed at self-use energy generation and energy independence for the industrial sector.


A history of initiative,
a spirit of improvement,
quality and innovation,
with sustainability
as a common denominator.


Our beginnings
Norvento has its origin in a previous company, founded by Pablo Fernández Castro, engaged in the design of electrical energy distribution networks and, later, also in energy transportation.


We commence working in hydroelectric power
Norvento enters the hydroelectric power sector, one which at that time the big utilities had abandoned.


Our first renewable installation
Norvento’s first hydropower plant, Barreiro Hydroelectric Power Station, starts operation. Located on the river Cambás, in A Coruña, it sets out Norvento’s business philosophy from the outset, based on respect for natural values and the environment.


First steps in wind power
With the business vision placed in wind power as the energy of the future, the first meteorological antennae are installed to measure the wind power resource in the north of the province of Lugo.


We are allocated MW in the Government of Galicia’s first Windpower Plan..


Our first wind farm commence operation
The Department is created and the Montouto Wind Farm starts up, with a total power output of 20.5 MW, situated in the north of the province of Lugo. Rigorous techniques were used in its construction to minimise the environmental impact, prioritising the environmental aspects over the economic ones.


Development and execution of new renewable installations
The 24 MW Fiouco Wind Farm, located in the municipality of Abadín, Lugo, comes on stream. As in all our projects, special construction techniques were used to minimise the environmental impact, such as keeping the width of the roads, the surface of the wind turbine platforms and the clearings to a minimum, as well as full re-landscaping.

That same year, the 4.2 MVA Xesta Hydroelectric Power Plant, located on the Oitavén River in A Lama, Pontevedra, commenced operation. The plant building is completely integrated into the environment thanks to the use of indigenous materials. The project was carried out with underground pipes along most of its length, without a loading chamber, in order to minimise the environmental impact.


Creation of new departments / New wind farm
Operation and maintenance services are moved in-house and a department is set up to offer comprehensive maintenance services for renewable energy installations to external clients and group companies.

In addition, in 2006 The 49.6 MW Coruxeiras Wind Farm, located in the municipality of Muras, Lugo, comes on stream. The installation has a state-of-the-art building that is perfectly integrated into the environment, where the substation and the Operation and Maintenance Centre are located.



Generation Control Centre / New hydroelectric plant
The Fiouco Wind Farm starts up. The Norvento Generation Control Centre is implemented, accredited by Red Eléctrica de España, from which both Real Time Telemetry services and the Control Centre of renewable installations are offered.

That same year, the 4.6 MVA Ramallal Hydroelectric Power Plant, located on the Verdugo River in A Lama, Pontevedra, commenced operation. Its architecture used locally sourced materials and is perfectly integrated in the environment.


Internationalization strategy / New steps in solar energy
Norvento begins developing wind farms in Chile, such as the 180 MW San Juan de Chañaral de Aceituno Wind Farm in Antofagasta, and in Brazil, such as the Baixa de Feijão (120 MW), Macambira (38 MW), Aventura I wind farms (26 MW) and the Tourinho wind farm (60 MW).


We become technologists and we continue our international expansion
Norvento begins to develop its own technology: the nED100 100 kW medium-power wind turbine for industrial self-use energy generation, designed and manufactured by Norvento.

Norvento continues its international expansion into new markets, developing wind farms such as the 178 MW Bloom Project in Kansas, USA, and the Krasin and Piątkowo wind farms (30 and 48 MW) in Poland. This year, Norvento also opens offices in Madrid (Spain), Boston (USA), Natal (Brazil) and Warsaw (Poland).


Norvento is awarded a permit in the Galicia Windpower Auction
In the Galicia Windpower Auction, Norvento receives an allocation of 303 MW to develop wind farms in the autonomous community.


We open our wind turbine production plant
The nED Factory is opened in Vilalba, Lugo, where the manufacture will take place not only of the nED100 wind turbines, but also of the other technology developed by Norvento.


First biogas plant and a new hydroelectric plant
Norvento enters the biogas sector with the start-up of the Xustás Biogas Plant, associated with a cattle farm, in which heat and electricity are produced from agricultural waste and by-products.

This same year, the 1.5 MVA Sardón Alto Hydroelectric Power Plant comes on stream, located on the Duero River in Sardón de Duero, Valladolid. It is a hydroelectric plant at the foot of the weir that incorporates a fish ladder on the side opposite the intake. During its construction, compensatory measures were implemented, such as the planting of 1.5 ha of vegetation on the river bank.


Our internationalization process takes us to the United Kingdom
Norvento’s London and Bristol offices are opened, and the first unit of the nED100 wind turbine is installed on a farm in the UK. Between 2014 and 2015, 25 nED100 wind turbines were installed in this country, to supply energy to farms, ports and industrial plants.


We develop new technologies and start up the first microgrid
Norvento begins to develop Energy Monitoring and Control Systems that it will implement for the first time in the control of the microgrid in its new headquarters, the Norvento Enerxía Innovation Centre (CIne), a building disconnected from the electricity and gas grids that supplies 100% of the demand with renewable energies and provides energy storage.


We continue with our role as technologists and are awarded tenders by the Ministry
Norvento sets up the Power Electronics Department and begins to design and develop a power converter for energy storage systems.

In addition, a new nED100 wind turbine is installed in the Norvento Enerxía Innovation Centre (Cine), where it will form part of the micro-network that supplies power to our corporate headquarters.

In this same year, development begins of the nED Experimental Wind Farm in A Pastoriza, Lugo, in what is the first medium-power wind turbine test centre in all of Spain for industrial self-use energy generation.

In the same year, Norvento is awarded 128.6 MW of wind power generation in the auction organised by the Ministry of Energy.


We open our corporate headquarters and install the first nGM unit
CIne, Norvento’s new head office, is opened: a building that is off the electricity and gas grids which is supplied with 100% renewable energies and holds the Exceptional BREEAM certification.

That same year, the first unit of Norvento’s Gridmaster Converter (nGM) is installed; a converter designed and manufactured entirely by Norvento, in the nED100 wind turbine of the CIne building.


We start up 6 new wind farms
Project N6 is developed, consisting in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of six wind farms in the province of Lugo on the basis of the awarding of 128.6 MW in the public auction held in May 2017 by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda. The project includes the wind farms of Sasdónigas, Sasdónigas II, Neda, Carracedo, Cadeira and Pastoriza.


We launch on the market nGM, new biogas solutions and energy storage systems

Norvento launches on the market the Norvento Gridmaster Converter (nGM), a versatile modular platform that facilitates the integration of energy storage systems designed and manufactured by Norvento.

In addition, it solidifies our commitment to biogas by launching a new line of business of biogas solutions for industry.

In this same year, Norvento develops a new modular storage system based on easily deployable lithium-ion batteries for industrial and commercial applications.


Commercial Launch of the Containerized Battery Storage System nBESS.

Throughout this year, we introduce our nBESS, a modularly configured solution designed to meet the storage and management needs of electrical energy flows in isolated systems, distribution networks, industries, and renewable generation plants.

CIne. A 100% renewable installation


Production plants

The nED Factory building in Vilalba was carefully designed by specialists with extensive experience in industrial building design, in compliance with the highest energy efficiency requirements. In addition, the energy used in the nED Factory comes from renewable sources, wind (nED100), solar, biomass and geothermal. The manufacturing and production team are professionals with extensive experience in the manufacture of wind turbines and technology for the renewable sector.

Our commitment to innovation is an essential part of the company and one of the main levers for future growth, investing 10% of total turnover in research and development.

Main operating centres

We see renewable energy and the development of local technology as an opportunity for the future, we have been working in Galicia for decades in a serious and responsible way so that technological knowledge is not outsourced and we can recognise it as our own.

Norvento Lugo | Head Office
Norvento Enerxía Innovation Centre (CIne):

Edif. CIne – Rúa Ramón Mª Aller Ulloa 23
Pol. As Gándaras
27003 Lugo, Spain
T: +34 982 227889

Norvento Madrid
Calle Luchana 23 – 3ºA
28010 Madrid, Spain
T: +34 91 5943883

Norvento Vilalba
Polígono Sete Pontes, 3ª fase – Parcela 13
27800 Vilalba, Lugo – Spain
T: +34 982 227889

Norvento Gijón
Spaces Gijón – Calle Marqués de San Esteban, 2 Planta Cero, Oficina 006
33206 Gijón, Asturias – Spain
T: +34 982 227889


We believe in an energy system where everyone can participate actively and freely, in which we can empower countries, companies and people to meet their energy and sustainability goals.

Norvento operates in the industry as a catalyst that contributes to facilitating the sector-wide revolution we are experiencing. The company’s history is made through its innovative contributions in the energy sector.

Our vision of the energy system to come defines our involvement in it, as well as our approach and relationship with our clients and partners.

Norvento seeks to contribute to change in the sector through its contribution of technology and knowledge that makes it possible to achieve a growing integration of renewable sources in the power generation system.

To carry through the mission of identifying the most important areas of opportunity in which Norvento wants to have a presence.


Consumers will not be exposed to the quality issues associated with weak or unsophisticated networks.


We will know in real time the energy we use, we will manage it, and we will be aware of its impact.


Getting away from fossil fuels, it will take advantage of technological advances to achieve superior performance.


We will decide in real time which energy sources to use. To do so, we will coordinate with our closest environment.


Future sources of energy will be embedded in homes, parks and infrastructure as if they were part of them.

Today, we operate with no geographical restrictions