Norvento’s 40 years of history are inextricably linked to the contribution of continued technological innovations to the energy sector and the industrial fabric.

At Norvento we firmly believe that the future of the energy industry involves technological innovation, which gives companies and consumers the ultimate ability to generate their own electricity, and can also bring clean energy to places where it was not feasible before.

Since our foundation in 1981, our visionary approach has allowed us to move forward in the development of those technological solutions necessary for the implementation and execution of new energy models, developing products and services focused on distributed energy, self-use energy generation and renewable technologies, such as our wind turbines, electronic converters, battery chargers, and our micro-network management systems.

With its own production and research centres and 100% renewable facilities, Norvento is a comprehensive technological project with its own design and technology, at the cutting edge and disruptive, which aims to place Galicia at the forefront of technological innovation and as a global leader in the field of decentralised power generation and clean energy.

In accordance with the pace at which the use of renewable energies is accelerating to the detriment of conventional ones, the strategic use that companies make of energy technologies is key for them to position themselves in an increasingly globalised and competitive industry, which is where we have focused our efforts on technology development, providing the market with specific solutions that allow the business to be optimised.

Every day, we help industries to adopt customised self-use energy generation solutions in their installations using renewable solar, photovoltaic, wind power, biomass, storage and management technologies.

Our Strategic Plan establishes technological innovation and energy transition one of its primary objectives, relying on the Technology Unit, NORVENTO TECNOLOGÍA, focused on the development of products and services for distributed energy, competitiveness and optimisation of industrial resources.

Equipped with the most advanced means at the cutting edge of technology, at Norvento Tecnología we develop new products and services that allow us to face the challenges of the future of the energy sector, 100% renewable, with the aim of continuing to offer the best solutions for our clients and communities that we work with.

We design and manufacture our own cutting-edge, disruptive technology that forms part of a comprehensive technological project at the forefront of technology in the field of decentralised power generation.

At the cutting edge of technology



One of the best examples of continuous improvement and technological innovation is the nED100 wind turbine.

  • In 2008, a technological project was launched to develop a wind turbine that would allow the industry to cut its electricity consumption costs.
  • In 2011, the first prototype was completed, and after it had been validated, the first model was launched on the international market.
  • In 2017, the last optimisation of this machine was completed, improving parameters such as efficiency, performance and associated operation and maintenance costs, making the nED100 wind turbine an even more sophisticated product suited to our clients’ needs.
  • The current optimised model was launched in 2020.

We have taken our ability to integrate renewables to its utmost expression with our new centre, 100% supplied with clean energy and off the electricity and gas grids. The CIne building is proof that, with the right balance of technologies, it is possible to meet the entire energy demand of a sophisticated consumer solely with renewable energy.

Renewable innovation projects.

  • A 200 kW photovoltaic installation and an nED100 kW wind turbine.
  • Geothermal energy exploited to generate hot water
  • Battery system that can ensure permanent supply even in periods of scant renewable production.
  • Integration of heat recovery systems in a Data Processing Centre
  • Recycling and exploitation of rainwater and grey waters
  • Optimisation of the building’s orientation
  • Use of natural and local construction materials
  • Optimisation of the placement of windows and lighting units.

At our nED Factory Production Centre, located in Vilalba (Lugo), we manufacture both our nED100 medium-power wind turbines and the rest of the renewable technological solutions designed and developed by Norvento. In addition, our blade warehouse is located in these facilities, where we produce the blades for the nED100 wind turbines.

We have been pioneers in Spain in using Bladelifter technology, a new blade transport system that obviates the need to expand and modify existing infrastructures with the consequent environmental and social benefit. Our engineers developed the bladelifter transport logistics to transport the blades that make up the immense 136-meter rotor of the wind turbines at our new wind farms.

Whether by private initiative or in consortium with other companies or institutions in the sector, Norvento is intensively active in research and development. This research effort is reflected in our products and services, as well as in the main lines of study and in our participation in European programmes. Norvento currently invests 10% of its turnover in RDI.