Everything we do breathes sustainability.

Since our beginnings. For 40 years.

Our production technologies and processes are environmentally friendly and do not compromise the needs of future generations. We are building a better present and future.

Norvento has had the same goal for the last four decades: a new energy paradigm, in which renewable technologies play a crucial role in the sustainable management of our planet’s energy resources. With this vision, we started a strategic technological plan aimed at the future and with the goal of achieving an environmentally sustainable industry.

The process of energy democratisation that our founder and current Chairman envisioned at the beginning of the 1980s, if at that time seemed utopian, is today becoming an increasingly present reality, materialised through the European guidelines for the reduction of consumption, the reduction of energy imports and the elimination of emissions through distributed, clean and cheap energy.

Norvento leads the way to a greener, decarbonised and sustainable energy system.

Today, faced with the alarm caused by the effects of human activity on the environment, we continue to strive towards an alternative energy model, faithful to the founding philosophy of sustainable development that has always marked our company’s roadmap.

Sustainability throughout 
the whole value chain.

Our Head Office
Norvento Enerxía Innovation Centre (CIne)
Self-sufficient 100% renewable

This is a Zero Emissions Building, autonomous in energy consumption and generation, and environmentally friendly. With an Exceptional Sustainability rating, the head office is one of the 20 most sustainable buildings in the entire world and number 1 in Spain.

Our factory & installations

100% renewable

The building of our nED Production Centre was designed in accordance with the most stringent energy efficiency requirements. In addition, the energy used in the production processes comes from renewable sources, wind (nED100), solar, biomass and geothermal.

Sustainable mobility

Renewable corporate fleet

We use the energy generated by renewable sources to supply our fleet of electric cars.

Our future depends
on what we do today.

The commitment to sustainability and respect for our environment is inherent to our activity and constitutes a core principle of our business strategy in every sphere.



In each of our projects we investigate in depth the habitat and energy resources of the territory to create opportunities for the community and its environment, developing strategic plans that are efficient in the long term that we see ahead of us

Throughout our 40 years of experience, we have always moved forward with determination and commitment to sustainable development and the forging of ties with the local community, pursuing factors of:

  • Potential of a reliable and independent energy supply
  • Importance for the energy transition and the circular economy
  • Strengthening and modernising the industrial fabric
  • Economic impacts, strengthening of the industrial fabric and direct jobs
  • Environmental improvements

For this reason, we also encourage responsible practices internally, fostering the application of eco-design, sustainable mobility, improvements in the recycling of materials, reduction of the amount of paper used, optimising the water used, and the conveying of social, economic and environmental awareness..

Another initiative of corporate social responsibility we would highlight is our Canteen project, through which we offer a daily menu service for our workers at our headquarters, based on seasonal produce from local producers and following culinary processes that prevent food waste.

We can say that Norvento is Sustainability in essence and Sustainability in action. At the service of an environmentally-friendly future and focused on a better tomorrow.