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Norvento’s headquarters, located in Lugo, Spain. Awarded the BREEAM certification with exceptional merit, it is a zero energy building, off the electricity and gas grids. The building is equipped with a micro-network whose supply comes from 200 KWp of photovoltaic solar energy, 100 kW of wind energy produced by one of our nED100 wind turbines , two geothermal generation pumps of 45 kWt each, two 60 kWe cogeneration generators and five biomass cogeneration generators. In addition, it is equipped with 1000 kWh lithium-ion batteries and heat and cold accumulation tanks.

Bioallarluz is located in Allariz in the province of Ourense, Spain. It is the only facility of its kind that operates in Galicia with primary forest biomass, and pioneer of the sector in Spain. It has an installed power output of 2.35 MW. In it, tests are conducted associated with RDI on combustion with different types of biomass, possibilities of thermal use for cogeneration, and recovery of combustion ashes as forest fertiliser

Located in the municipality of Cospeito in the province of Lugo, Spain. It is a biomethanisation installation associated with a cattle farm, and has an installed power output of 50 kW. It uses agricultural and livestock waste and by-products to produce heat and electricity.