Norvento Enerxía Innovation Centre (CIne), our heart and lungs

Our main facility, the Norvento Enerxía Innovation Centre (CIne), located in Lugo, is a zero-energy building, disconnected from the electricity and gas grid that is supplied entirely with renewable energy.

Its 100% renewable facilities house the Operations Centre, the Research and Testing Laboratory, the Norvento 365/24 Control Centre and our company’s main offices.

Our building backs onto the industrial zone where it is located and opens onto a meadow where a variety of tree species have been planted and onto the adjacent forest, taking advantage of the values ​​that nature can provide to an office building. Cine is, without a doubt, a clear illustration of our respect for our surrounding environment and for sustainable development.

It is a technological project that demonstrates that here in Galicia we have the necessary technology to produce and manage energy cleanly and efficiently, and lead the energy transition.

Our zero-energy building, backed by innovative architecture that minimises the demand for energy and water, exploits the energy generated by 100% renewable sources to supply our research centre, offices and our fleet of vehicles.

With the design, development and implementation of CIne’s energy system and technologies, we have developed our comprehensive ability to integrate ultra-efficient renewable energies to its utmost level, our project having been certified with the BREEAM sustainability distinction to an exceptional degree.

CIne is a Zero Emissions Building that is absolutely independent of the electricity grid. It takes advantage of sunlight, rainwater, and recycles grey water, preventing the emission into the atmosphere of more than 160 tons of greenhouse gases per year .


The CIne building is proof that, with the right balance of technologies, it is possible to meet the entire energy demand of a sophisticated consumer solely with renewable energy.

CIne has the capability to operate without the need for connection to the electricity grid, thanks to an intelligent electrical micro-network that combines wind energy from our nED100 medium power wind turbine, photovoltaic panels, a rainwater and grey water management system , geothermal energy for underfloor heating and biomass cogeneration generators, as well as a battery system capable of ensuring permanent supply even in periods of low renewables production.

It can also work with the electricity grid in ON/OFF mode without passing a “O” thanks to our Norvento Gridmaster Converter (nGM).. This operation mode allows us to use our laboratory to test products intended to be connected to the grid.

Our nED100 medium power wind turbine, a rainwater and grey water management system, photovoltaic panels, geothermal energy for underfloor heating, biomass cogeneration generators, a battery system capable of ensuring permanent supply even in periods of low renewables production and the integration of heat recovery systems and a management and control system are some of Norvento’s 100% renewable technologies that allow us to supply ourselves 365 days a year 24 hours a day with clean energy, of a high quality and reliable.

CIne, comprenhensive
renewable technological system

100% energy supplied using renewables

24/7 days a year off grid


25% less primary energy demanded than Passivhaus

Zero CO2 emissions per year

Electrical power output: 200 KW

• Lighting

• Equipment

• Data centre

• Pumping systems

Supplying power to a fleet of electric vehicles.

Battery charging points for the company's fleet. Accessible for employees during periods when they are surplus to requirements.

Electricity storage

Lithium-ion batteries that make it possible to operate autonomously for days, even without solar energy or wind power production.

nGM 200 kW converter 

Renewable power generation

Photovoltaic solar and wind power energy meet 100% of the needs. Integrated with the building's life and uses.

• Wind power (nED100 100 kW wind turbine)

• Photovoltaic solar energy (200 kW PV panels/nPV Inverter)

Water recycling

Recycling and cleaning of rainwater and grey waters. Reuse of lavatory flush water.

Energy control systems

• Centralised energy generation and storage.

• Real-time information for users of the complex.

• Insulation in roofs, facades and enclosing walls.

• Combination of advanced and natural materials.

• Building's outbound thermal load.

Use of locally-sourced materials

• Locally cultivated eucalyptus wood.

• Reduces the carbon footprint of the building's life cycle

• Natural ventilation with recovery.

• Exploits natural air flows.

• Minimises the energy consumed by recovering heat/cooling from outgoing air.


90kWe /5kWe 

Geothermal and accumulation

24 kWe / 100 kWt

• Heat pump system over a geothermal spring.

• Thermal energy storage for air conditioning and hot water.