There are projects of great relevance for the energy transition, some are being developed with a forward-looking approach, even though they cannot be implemented in the short-term. Others are projects already running that will help us in the energy transition. We hope you enjoy the following posts and that they make your daily life more enjoyable:

Grid stabilization through batteries: Gerardo Medrano, industrial engineer specialized in control & electrical systems theory, explains to us how batteries will take on the function of fossil fuel plants: click for article

Nuclear Fusion: Alberto Loarte, PhD in Physics and Head of the Science Division at ITER, talks in a very interesting article about nuclear fusion and the ITER project: click for article

Airborne wind turbines: David Steward, Director of Technology at KPS, discusses how this state-of-the-art technology will be able to take advantage of the wind where it is strongest and most constant: click for article

Shared electrical vehicles: Fernando Minaya, expert in work-related road safety, mobility plans, sustainable urban road safety and new mobility, talks about the new mobility models: click for article

Superconducting transmission grids: Dra. Amalia Ballarino, one of the most renowned global experts on superconductivity and Head of the Superconductors and Superconducting Devices unit at CERN, offers us her view on the developments she is working at and how they can be applied to the future of efficient power transmission: click for article

Floating wind farms: how to generate Cheap and constant energy without visual impact from the shore: click for article

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