Photovoltaics Self-Consumption & Storage

Photovoltaic solar energy is an energy source based in a mature, inexpensive and long-lasting technology with over 25 years of lifespan. These characteristics, together with a favourable regulation framework, makes PV an excellent opportunity for companies to take charge of their energy bill.

Our solar systems for self-consumption can be perfectly integrated in rooftops, car parks or available plots of land near your installations.

Moreover, to meet the needs related to electrical energy flow management at our clients’ commercial and industrial installations, we can also implement Norvento’s electrical storage systems with batteries. They are modular systems able to integrate storage capacity for commercial or industrial companies: click for brochure and learn more about storage.

At Norvento, we want technology to be at the service of our customers. We perfectly adapt to their operations without slowing down their work during the implementation of the project and the lifespan of the installation.

How does a PV self-consumption plant work?


What additional possibilities do energy storage solutions offer?

Load shifting
Optimizes your installation’s load curve
Pure sinewave
Improves power quality and stability in highly distorted and weak grids
Black start
In case of a power outage, our equipment can restore the electrical power to your installation
Peak shaving
Reduces the energy consumption from the utility company during peak hours with the consequent cost reduction in your electricity bill
Voltage & frequency control
Ensures permanent power supply to critical loads
Reactive power compensation
Compensates the reactive power in your installation avoiding costs in the electricity bill or in additional reactive power compensators
Ethernet, Web, App

Norvento’s PV & storage solutions for self-consumption:

We offer turnkey projects tailored to the needs of each client. We take care of all the steps of the project:

Proyect Feasibility

We analyse the existing PV self-consumption alternatives and/or energy storage to meet the client’s expectations

Processing & Design

We carry out the administrative processing and the detailed engineering of the installation

Installation & Commissioning

Using our experience to provide the highest quality and safety standards

Monitoring & Maintenance

To guarantee the maximum performance during the lifespan of the PV installation

We also provide consultancy and engineering services for large commercial and industrial clients that may need expert advice during any of the different steps of their PV or energy storage projects.

Three reasons to choose us:

  • Reliability

    Our over 35-year experience in renewable technology and engineering guarantee the best results for your self-consumption project. We are pioneers in energy storage. In 2016, we implemented the first Lithium-ion battery systems at our headquarters, Norvento Enerxía Innovation Centre, a 100% renewable off-grid installation.

  • Design Excellence

    We analyse the electrical generation and consumption to maximize the profitability. We adapt the project to the space and existing operations at the client’s installations and implementing the additional requirements the client may need.

  • Quality of the Components

    We work with proven expert suppliers and we perfectly know the features and quality of all the equipment we use. Moreover, we use our own Norvento technology as our nGM converters or our control systems for microgrids.

Some of our references of PV self-consumption and energy storage:

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