We offer our services both to private companies and state bodies, providing innovative solutions that make it possible to produce biogas for the generation of electrical and thermal energy, as well as other applications of this renewable fuel, such as feeding it to the gas supply network or use in vehicles.

The Biogas Unit team is comprised of engineers with extensive experience in process design, the development and execution of biogas projects, including specialists in industrial, chemical, civil and agricultural engineering.

More than a decade of experience in the sector and agreements at the international level with leading technologists in the sector vouch for our expertise. We pay special attention to all the technical details so that our plants are perfectly integrated with the client’s installations and facilities and operate in accordance with the terms and conditions that the client specifies, anticipating any kind of incident.

Our solutions enable us to valorise waste optimally, helping companies in the primary sector as well as those involved in food processing and production, and in any other that generates waste with an organic content, to meet a significant part of its energy consumption, both electric and thermal with this fuel, which is completely renewable.

With a track record of over 40 years in renewable technology, and with a large number of assets in its own portfolio, Norvento provides the best energy solutions, analysing and integrating other renewable energy sources together with the biogas plant.

  • Public Sector: waste management and treatment plants.
  • Private Sector: All the sectors of activity that generate any effluent or organic by-product that can be valorised in a biogas plant, in particular, the primary sector and agri-food industry.

Our clients achieve an optimal treatment of waste thanks to the strengths of Norvento’s biogas plants:

  • Flexible and modular designs that can by hybridised with other renewable technologies.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Equipped with Smart SCADA connected to Norvento’s 24/365 Control Centre to ensure the efficient monitoring of the biogas plant.

Norvento Enerxia Biogas Unit offers a wide range of solutions in the field of biogas that range from particular and specific services related to this line of business to turnkey contracts in which we support the client throughout the development of our client’s project.

We put all our knowledge and experience in the biogas field at our client’s disposal to analyse a biogas plant project from a technical-economical point of view. Depending on the phase of the project, we provide the following services:

  • Process engineering: feasibility studies, characterisation of resources, waste and other aspects that enable the solution to tailored to meet the client’s existing conditions and requirements.
  • Basic engineering: creation of a viable basic design for a biogas plant.
  • Detail engineering: creation of a construction project that is ready to tender.

We integrate all the services that the client requires for start-up, operation guideline review, maintenance and also the technical audit of an existing biogas plant.

We provide all the administrative, legal and financial services that are involved in the development of a new project or existing biogas installation:

  • Application for and obtaining of official approval
  • Grant funding search
  • Legal audit
  • Miscellaneous

We offer the option of developing the project under a turnkey contract, if that the client wants to do is completely outsource the execution of the biogas plant. In that case, we support the client at every stage of the project of their biogas plant with a comprehensive service, including the previous services and the design and construction of the installation.

Our work methodology and customer relationship

We add value at each phase of the project. We are a trusted partner for long-term follow-up.

Our biogas experts assess and develop turnkey projects, taking into account the limitations or constraints of each installation and the site from an operational point of view.


Whether it be an existing installation or a new build project, at Norvento we work closely with each client in all project phases, from the technical-economic feasibility study, through design and engineering, construction, to plant commissioning. operation and maintenance.

In the early phases of the project, we advise the client on whether or not to consider a biogas plant in its installations, making a characterisation of the effluents and by-products that may be generated in them and evaluating the best solutions. Considering all the possible synergies derived from the consumption of resources, energy and waste management, we make an economic-financial assessment for the client. We advise the client regarding the financing of the project.

Once the decision has been made, we offer the client a comprehensive engineering service to carry out the construction project in question and we support them in the requisite official approval processes. The scope of these services is defined with the client, taking into account their needs and the extent of the client’s resources that can be made available to Norvento. The comprehensive service also includes the optimal solution to valorise biogas and digestate, the main products of anaerobic digestion.

At the customer’s convenience, we are involved throughout the useful life of the project, through a series of operation and maintenance services, ensuring a fully functional plant that stays within the expected production margins.

What is biogas?

Biogas is a sustainable fuel composed mainly of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide. 

It can be produced in natural environments or in specific devices, due to biodegrading or decomposition reactions of residual organic matter in the absence of oxygen, through the action of micro-organisms and other factors (temperature, agitation, etc.).

Biogas is a renewable energy source, which fulfils a dual objective: reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and saving in the management or treatment of organic waste.

Biogas is produced by a process known as anaerobic digestion, consisting of the fermentation of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. The organic waste used as the raw material of the biogas plant can come from a wide variety of sources:

  • Agriculture and Livestock
  • Agri-food Industry Dairy, Slaughterhouses, Canning
  • Food Processing, Beverage Production
  • Other sectors: Paper mills, HORECA
  • Municipal waste and purification plants.

Raw biogas is composed mainly of:

  • Methane (CH4): 50-75%
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 25-50%
  • Other substances in minor amounts (siloxanes, H2S, H2O).

To make biogas fit for purpose, the unwanted compounds must be eliminated. The degree of cleaning of biogas will depend on its final application.

The main applications of biogas are:

  • Direct thermal use. Combustion of biogas in thermal generation equipment (boilers, dryers or ovens) for self-use.
  • Use in co-generation. Biogas combustion in cogeneration engines to generate electrical and thermal energy.
  • Bio-methane production. Elimination or conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) present in biogas through a process known as upgrading to obtain a gas with a very high methane content (> 90%), and properties similar to those of natural gas.
  • Feeding biomethane into the natural gas grid.

Norvento Enerxía, the best ally for developing biogas plants

Take advantage of organic waste from your industrial or agricultural processes and convert it into electricity and heat.

If you operate an industrial plant with a high load of organic waste and you need electricity and heat, you can valorise your waste with our biogas plants for self-use, which encompass all the processes necessary for the synthesis of fuel and its subsequent use.

Safe for the public, they will enable you to reduce your carbon footprint, improve your bottom line, and protect yourself against fluctuations in fossil fuel and electricity prices.

Our plants are modular and you can adapt them to your particular needs as well as to the infrastructure already available in your installations.

Our R&D projects in the field of biogas.

Norvento is a world leader in research and development in biogas projects. Some of the collaborative projects we are currently working on are:



Programme: Fast Track to Innovation.

Call: H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020.

Reference number: 950921

With the NEOSUCCESS RDI project we set out to implement a unique solution based on a containerised “plug and-play” technology designed to be integrated into the operational line of work of biogas plants.

This new technology will make the investment in biogas improvement technology more profitable thanks to its complementary exploitation of bio succinic acid (BioSA).

NEOSUCCESS is the first technology in the world that recycles and uses waste to simultaneously produce two products with high added value:

  • BioMetane (> 95%) from biogas to be used as bio fuel.
  • BioSA (> 80%), a second generation non-fossil alternative to succinic acid (SA). This new product is a revolutionary biogas that binds CO2 to a valuable biochemical element.

It can thus cut your production costs and reduce your environmental footprint.



Another of the research projects in which the Norvento Biogas Unit participates is the VARAL Project in which Norvento, together with other Galician companies, has developed a comprehensive recovery plant for by-products and residual effluents from the dairy sector.

This project, within the framework of the Conectapeme 2018 programme, is financed by the Government of the Autonomous Community of Galicia (Spain) through the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) and the support of the Department of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Industry and is co-financed by ERDF Funds in the framework of axis 1 of the ERDF Galicia 2014-2020 operational programme.