For more than a decade, Norvento has been researching and developing distributed energy technologies on a smaller scale, placing its faith in a future of growing smart grids.

Our efforts in R&D have borne fruit in the most advanced renewable technology.

Norvento’s Microgrids Unit is focused on the design and management of complex systems known as micro-grids, which include storage and smart technology for managing energy, providing highly efficient solutions worldwide for a wide diversity of industries.

Using our own technology and applications, at Norvento we design, develop and implement microgrids systems for our clients’ energy independence, both autonomously and disconnected from the electricity grid (off-grid) and connected to it (on-grid) .

Our microgrids

Off-grid microgrids

An off-grid system is an autonomous system, designed to operate disconnected from the electricity grid, either because the system is in a remote location where the grid doesn’t reach or because the user has decided to operate off the grid.

On-grid microgrids

An on-grid system is one that uses PV panels connected to a local, municipal or national electricity grid to replace the whole original consumption.

Main advantages

Our Renewable Micro-Network Systems offer multiple benefits that our clients can opt for, among which we would highlight:

  • Reduction of electricity costs: in costly diesel-powered systems powered gris/in advanced grids through smart energy exchanges and services.
  • Increased sustainability: maximising the penetration of renewable energies with the integration of battery systems.
  • Energy reliability and quality: with our advanced systems we ensure constant power supply during critical grid conditions.

We design and develop the optimal system, integrating different energy generation and storage technologies, both electrical and thermal, and meeting the whole energy demand required by our clients’ operations.

Our engineering, which specialises in microgrids combined with cutting-edge technology that we develop as technologists in Norvento Tecnología, makes it possible to achieve great control over the value chain and the integration of diverse equipment and systems, thanks to our technological products:

We pave the way to electrification, eliminating reliance on fossil fuels and cutting the cost of the electricity supply in areas where access is difficult.

We work in locations far from the power grid that rely on a logistical fuel supply chain, with high electricity costs and vulnerable to volatile fossil fuel prices. Our clients seek to be efficient and cut costs while also reducing their carbon footprint.

We add value to your project at every phase. Power outputs from 100kW to 3MW

Our workflow:

  1. Conceptual Design

We support you with our know-how. We involve ourselves with the designers of the project in defining it conceptually contributing with a vision focused on energy.

  1. Detail engineering

We carry out an in-depth analysis of the installation viability and design. We take into account all your requirements, the natural resources available, and we develop the solution down to the last detail.

  1. Equipment

We manage the procurement of all the components. We select teams and deal with suppliers, ensuring quality in time, manner and cost.

  1. Cost

We supervise and implement the selected solution. We take responsibility for handing over the keys of the project to you once it is fully operational.