Experience and consulting

We design comprehensive solutions to meet energy demand using renewable energies in situ. Cut the cost of your electricity consumption with Norvento, thanks to the right combination of renewable generation and storage.

PV solar energy is an energy source based on a mature technology, very low cost and with long useful life of over 25 years. This fact, together with a favourable legislative framework, is an excellent opportunity for companies to seize the reins of their energy billing. Today, generating electricity using PV technology is cheaper than getting it from the grid.

Our services and products in the field of self-use energy generation are divided in:

  • We design consulting projects on self-consumption and energy storage, helping and supporting our clients to achieve their sustainable development goals (SDGs) or specific needs.
  • We act as consultants and property engineering for large commercial and industrial clients that need expert advice in any of the stages of their photovoltaic self-use energy generation projects or their storage projects.

EPC, turnkey. We are an expert technological partner of leading companies in the public and private sectors, such as Red Eléctrica, Hijos de Rivera-Estrella Galicia and IKEA.

We adapt to the requirements of each client by providing external consultancy for projects or specific needs such as revamping of solar panels, or devising ad hoc solutions and implementing the project in its entirety, from start to finish.

Our extensive track record, in addition to the continuous investment in RDI enables Norvento to have the necessary resources and knowledge for any development of smart grid control, both off-grid and on-grid, to operate globally and provide comprehensive solutions with excellence in quality and innovation.

We contribute to supplying your consumption with renewables


At Norvento, we work so that technology is at the service of our clients and we adapt to their operations without hampering their work flow during the project execution or during the installation’s operational life.

Norvento Enerxía’s Self-Consumption Solar Systems are perfectly integrated into the roofs of the facilities, car parks or on land available on land near its facilities.

We custom design modular solar systems for the production of clean and reliable energy, reducing risks in the supply, and adapting them to users’ needs.

The profitability of a plant for self-use energy generation is linked to:

  • The client’s consumption profile throughout the day.
  • The price that the client is paying for electricity.
  • The amount of sunshine at the site of the plant.
  • The ease with which the plant can be adapted to the existing installations.


All these factors mean that the profitability of the plants can vary significantly and deliver return periods of between 3 and 8 years.

As they have no moving parts, Norvento Solar Photovoltaic (nPV) Installations, like any other electrical installation, require virtually no maintenance and do not require our clients to divert attention from their business.

In addition, to satisfy the needs related to the management of our clients’ energy flows of commercial and industrial facilities, we can also implement our Norvento Battery Electric Storage Systems (nSAs), which are modular systems that allow storage capacities to be integrated for companies in both the commercial and industrial fields.

nSA systems are modularly configured systems that meet the needs in relation to the management of electrical energy flows in companies, both in the commercial and industrial spheres. These systems are modular in conception, which enables them to integrate storage capacities of between 50 and 800 kWh and power outputs of between 50 kVA and 400 kVA.

What additional possibilities does storage offer me?
  • Optimization of the consumption curve
    Optimises the distribution of the installation’s consumption.
  • Exceptional energy quality
    Improves the quality and stability of the supplied electricity.
  • Black start (emergency start)
    In the event of a power cut, our teams can restore the network without the need for an external power source.
  • Reduction of consumption peaks
    Allows specific demands of electricity consumption of the installation to be met, achieving savings by reducing power tolls.
  • Voltage and frequency regulation
    Ensures the permanent electricity supply to the critical loads.
  • Reactive power compensation
    Compensates for the installation’s reactive power  and avoids costs due to tolls and on additional reactive compensation systems.

From our 365/24 Control Centre, we carry out the management of a general power output of over 900 MW in renewables.

Norvento’s Control Centre works 24/7 every day of the year monitoring hundreds of installations that total more than 900MW of renewable energy plants, among which are those of our clients, for their complete peace of mind and confidence that everything works smoothly.




Some of our success stories in PV self-sufficiency and storage projects:

Norvento PV and storage solutions for self-use energy generation

We offer turnkey projects tailored to meet each client needs. To do so, we cover all the phases necessary to the materialisation of your project:

Our approach to work

  • Project viability

We analyse the existing alternatives for a self-use PV energy generation and/or storage solution to meet each client’s expectations.

  • Official approval and design

We carry out the official paperwork with the relevant authorities and the installation’s detail engineering.

  • Installation and start-up

Based on our wealth of experience and with the highest standards of quality and safety.

  • Monitoring and maintenance

Ensuring the maximum yield throughout the installation’s useful life.

Three more reasons to choose us.


  1. Reliability of the result

Our more than 40 years’ experience in renewable technology and engineering are the guarantee of our best results for your self-use energy generation project. We are pioneers in the field of energy storage, having implemented the first systems with Lithium Ion batteries in 2016 in our research centre, the Norvento Enerxía Innovation Centre (CIne), which operates with 100% renewable energy off the electricity and gas grids.

  1. Excellence in design

We analyse the generation and consumption of electricity to maximise profitability. We dimension by adapting to the existing space and operations in the client’s installations and incorporating the additional requirements that the client may have for their project.

  1. Quality of all components used

We work with suppliers with proven experience and we know perfectly the performance and quality of all the equipment we use, in addition to working with Norvento’s own technology, such as our nGM converters and our micro-network control systems.