We design, manufacture, market and sell PV technology and energy storage equipment and solutions worldwide, with a high added value:

At Norvento Enerxía we work both on new buildings and on existing facilities, offering a comprehensive turnkey service that covers everything from the concept design phase to project management. We integrate clean energies and storage systems, optimising the energy flows and minimising energy needs. All of this while taking due account of the right symbiosis with the building’s architectural design.
We work in close collaboration with architects, consultants, developers and engineering firms so that the energy systems of their buildings meet the needs of the new energy era and an innovative and sustainable architecture.

Our technologies can be adapted to multiple applications: company headquarters, public buildings and commercial premises, industrial plants, hospitals, service stations, farms, resorts, maritime and marinas, mines, data centres, isolated installations, data processing centres, and critical loads, among many others.


Take a step towards total sustainability by supplying the consumptions of your installations with 100% renewables.

Our workflow:

  1. Conceptual Design. We support you with our know-how. We get involved with the designers of the project in defining it conceptually, contributing with a vision focused on energy.
  2. Detail engineering. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the installation viability and design. We take into account all your requirements, the natural resources available, and we develop the solution down to the last detail.
  3. Equipment: We manage the procurement of all the components. We select teams and deal with suppliers, ensuring quality in time, manner and cost.
  4. Cost: We supervise and implement the selected solution. We take responsibility for handing over the keys of the project to you once it is fully operational.