Photovoltaic solutions for self-consumption

The integration of renewable energy electrical generation installations for self-consumption will allow companies to take the reins of their energy bill.

Our modular PV systems can be adapted to the present and future needs of the users. Furthermore, they are perfectly integrated in spaces such as parking lots or roofs for the industrial, commercial or residential sector, both in new installations and retrofits.

At Norvento we want technology to be at the service of our clients, so it should perfectly adapt to their operation without obstructing the workflow during the execution of the project or the lifespan of the installation.


Norvento’s PV Installation for self-consumption

Our plants are modular, so we have a perfect control on their quality. We used 72 PV panels, each module has 25kWp. The panels have been installed on an aluminium structure that can be adapted both to flat or sloping areas. We work using the highest quality standards and exceeding all regulations. When our clients have high energy needs, over 100kW, we connect our plants to medium voltage.

3 reasons to choose us:

Reliability of the result

We have one of the most experienced teams in Spain in renewable engineering. Our staff is directly in charge of the execution, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Quality of the components

We work with experienced suppliers and we perfectly know the features and quality of all the equipment we use

Design Excellence

We fit together generation and consumption to maximize the profitability. We resize the auxiliary structures and adapt to the existing space in the client’s installations.

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