With more than a decade of experience in the design and development of isolated systems with different renewable generation technologies, at Norvento we offer our customers the possibility of incorporating storage to their self-consumption, generation, and distribution grid support projects, among others.

We have our own portfolio of products for these applications. Our nGM power converter and nBESS container enable the hybridisation of different power generation technologies with storage, thus ensuring a greater penetration of renewables and decoupling production from electricity consumption.

Our nBESS containers come in pre-configured 20ft and 40ft versions for easy deployment in industrial and rural environments with our without renewable generation.However, we adapt our equipment configurations to our customers’ needs and specific project conditions.

For those projects in which the hybridisation of storage with other renewable sources presents certain complexity (management of power generators, synchronisation with the grid for back-up applications, etc.), Norvento also has an expert automation and control team in the development of control solutions that reduce the complexity of the entire integration process.

Our storage technologies offer a wide array of functionalities that allow us to optimise and make our customers’ electricity supply more robust. Our presence in the technological development of these type of solutions provides us with the necessary knowledge to face any challenge our clients may face.

Our most recent storage projects

Installation of a covered photovoltaic plant with storage in an adjoining room, which provides extra power for milking peaks on a farm located in Palas de Rei (Lugo), using the energy stored with the photovoltaic surplus and the night load.

Installation of three containerised storage systems with 40’ nBESS batteries in three isolated and previously fossil fuel dependent locations in the Caribbean: the island of Guaquenam (Guyana) (1332 kWh | 400 kVA), the island of Carriacou (Grenada) (932 kWh | 400 kVA) and in Paramaribo (Suriname) (666 kWh | 400 kVA). Our hybrid solution with pre-existing gensets and photovoltaic generation, allowing these three locations to achieve greater autonomy and the decarbonisation of their electricity supply to a large extent.