An opportunity to develop your full potential

— Are you in your final year of your degree, vocational training or master’s degree, or have you recently completed it?

— Would you like to start your professional career in a company in full expansion, with great opportunities for growth, and which is committed to renewables as a future lever for a more sustainable world?

— If so, sign up for our Junior Talent Scheme!

Our Talent Profile

We at Norvento are characterised by our search for innovation in the field of renewable energies, non-conformity and attention to detail. We are demanding and we are looking for people who want to grow and contribute in different fields, whether you have a degree, vocational training or master’s degree (Industrial, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial Organisation, Energy, Civil Engineering…).

If you are interested in renewables and want to embark on your professional career in a field with great potential for the future, such as renewable energy generation, the development of technology for clean energy production and storage, and in helping our clients in their decarbonisation process, our Junior Talent Scheme is for you.

What do we offer?

You have a real opportunity at Norvento to demonstrate your talent, with a vocation for permanence. You will have the opportunity to actively participate in the projects we develop, where you will be able to apply the knowledge you have acquired during your degree, vocational training or master’s degree to the professional world. Now is the time to start your career in a company with a future!

Where would I complete my Scholarship?

Norvento has different work centres where you can develop your professional career.

From our main headquarters, the CIne building, located in the city of Lugo, we develop most of our activity, so the majority of our incorporations take place here.

However, depending on the area you are joining, you could collaborate with the teams working in our renewable facilities in various parts of Galicia and Spain, our Technology Factory in Villalba (Lugo), or our work centres in Asturias and Madrid.