To make these isolation days more enjoyable, we have gathered in this post some articles we have previously published in our blog. What are some of the basic disruptive energy technologies to achieve a successful energy transition?

Nanotechnology and graphene: both will contribute to manufacture extremely flexible, cheap and easy to manipulate solar panels to be installed on any surface: click for article

Carbon capture & storage: Iñaki Adánez, Doctor in Chemical Engineering and expert on the subject, explains to us the different technologies that will speed up the transition to a carbon-free energy system: click for article

Superconductivity: superconductivity will open new possibilities to transport and generate energy, as it will make transport cheaper and improve its features. But what is superconductivity and what are its applications? Click for article

Renewable microgrids: this type of small grids will play a significant role in meeting the energy demand of the future, breaking with economies of scale: click for article

Smart grids & the Internet of Things: Dra. Mónica Aguado, PhD in Industrial Engineering and Director of the Department of Grid Integration at the National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain, explains to us how smart grids will optimize the management of existing generation, transport and distribution assets and maximize their productivity and lifespan: click for article

Big data & A.I.: the introduction of digital technologies in the energy industry value chain will allow an unprecedent transition from the electrical grids that we know today to the smart grids of the future and will feed decision makers with real time and precise information: click for article

Molten metal batteries: storage will play a main role in the future electrical grid; it will allow the increment of the penetration of renewable energies in the energy mix. Want to learn more? Click for article

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